What’s New from Point2 Agent?


We set out to build an easy-to-use and readily available website and syndication platform.  In 2008 the primary focus of development at Point2 was rooted in ensuring that the existing features in the Point2 Agent product are even more sound and reliable.  Throughout the past months we’ve seen some great performance improvements.

This week our development teams have released some new features for us to play with.  We’ll be the first to admit that there’s plenty left to do and we are looking forward to making all sorts of awesome improvements into 2009.


So, what’s new?  New Features and Performance Enhancements

We are working with many MLS’s to bring their data on board with Point2 Agent, to utilize the amazing Syndication Network we have available.  As part of this work, we now have the ability to import listings directly from MLS’s into an Online Office.  We have a few MLS’s on board already, and look forward to continuing to expand.  Want your MLS listings imported directly into your Online Office?  Get your MLS interested and have them contact us.  We’d love to have them join us too!

The look-and-feel of the Online Office has been tweaked in many places to help our members better enjoy their user-experience.  Have a look around your Online Office and note some of the changes.

We know your prospect information is important.  For this reason, the Detailed Prospect History report has been rewritten to increase the speed and reliability of the report.

So what’s next?

Going into 2009 we expect to continue to import more and more MLS data as MLS’s recognize the importance and benefit of providing syndication to their members.  The likelihood that you will never have to enter your listings in more than one place is a real possibility, especially if your MLS joins the Point2 Agent network.

We also anticipate further exciting improvements to our Online Office and website solution.  Something that we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for a while now is cross-browser compatibility.  It’s not quite ready yet, but we hope that early in the new year our members will be able to access their Online Office to edit using their browser of choice, not just Internet Explorer.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months…and please feel free to comment below and share with us what features you are looking for and hope to receive from Point2 Agent in the future.


  • Norm Fisher says:

    Something that we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for a while now is cross-browser compatibility.

    Yay! You guys are doing a great job and I’m really looking forward to this particular upgrade. Thanks.

  • Proud P2 member for several years now… well 98% of the time. Growth is painful and never easy, and we all know no one can please everyone all of the time, right?

    Well I am extremely happy to see some of the Elite P2 family getting personal and actually expressing the goals for the future. This gives many of us hope that soon that additional 2% can be taken care of. The cross compatability sounds great. Yet I am most intrigued by the MLS integration.
    Would someone give me a call to walk me through what it involves and how I can work on our local board to achieve this? We are part of a small board that may be open to new ideas and I think it would be a great tool for many agents in the area.

    I look forward to more updates… especially something soon that will better assist us with lead management and lead retention. the life span of a typical internet lead is very long while the attention span of an internet lead is very short!

  • Raj Dhaliwal says:

    Ability to edit website in FF would be great.

    I am with Brady on the MLS data issue. Point2 should offer more help to us members so that we can talk to our boards.

    Is there are Canadian RE board taking part in this syndication.?

  • Raj Dhaliwal says:

    ***Is there any Canadian RE board taking part in this syndication.?

  • Hello there!!

    I am so glad about the improvements Point2 Agent has made in the past year….. there are PRESSING needs the membership has repeatedly asked about in the forums and I want to list them here:

    * Drop down menus for the websites……. The Point2 Agent websites are looking kind of dated now, compared to other sites.

    * New templates for the websites…. we have been waiting for YEARS for this to happen…to no avail….. (sniffle)

    * Lead management …. the program through Online Office you have now is JUST barely adequate for our needs…something a little more robust would be nice….

    *Drip e-mail letters….. The ones you have now need SERIOUS changing…. I have had to go to other sources to get better letters, BUT I KEEP holding out for the ones you have issued us to be changed.

    *Handshake Agreement managment….. This area is SORELY in need of an upgrade…. being able to contact potential handshake offices and agents is now a matter of cutting and pasting a form letter to them via a somewhat complex method of using the online office and the Agent/Office profile to contact them. Finding offending agents and offices and dealing with them is DIFFICULT at best.

    As for other issues, I feel they are NOT as talked about in the Point2 forums as the aforementioned topics…..

    I hope you have these top talked about forum topics under development……

    Keep up all the GOOD WORK, people!! I have been with Point2Agent for 4 years and have been a Professional level website user for almost 2 of those years. If you guys did not absolutely ROCK, I would have left a long time ago…..

    May God continue to bless this company as you upgrade and make needed changes for the membership!!

    Alexander Harb


  • Can you please list the MLS associations that you have already signed on so that those agents don’t waste time trying to contact their local MLS?

  • Love your work and appreciate your responsiveness. I understand that you need to set priorities but here are a couple of my wishes.

    I would also love to see more templates. We were just talking about drop down menus in our office this week. Please, can we have them?

    Another area that could use some brightening up are the listing pages and neighborhood pages. More spots for pictures.

    Is there a way to imbed a MS Phototour?

    Thanks for everything.

  • Lawale Adewoyin says:

    This is an awesome development that can put point2agent on forefront of international property exposure. Usually the agent has their mls sign an agreement that allows an agent to link their mls listings to point2agent.

  • Chris Dowell says:

    Good work Point 2! I ditto Alexander Harb. I also ask that having the ability to work on Point 2 on anything but IE would be great. I have been using FF for 18 months and love it more. Maybe if you could use FF with the online office the speed issue would be resolved.

  • The cross browser functionality is great news
    I am waiting to use Point2 on Mozila.
    Hope to use it soon

  • Carey says:

    Thanks for all of your responses!

    I’m happy to say that there isn’t a single thing mentioned in these comments that is not on our list.

    That’s the good news – the unfortunate news is that it’s a very. long. list. 🙂

    Do keep the suggestions coming though – we’re listening, and we’re working hard to bring all sorts of good stuff to our members throughout 2009 and beyond.

    Carey Tufts

  • Stephen Burke says:

    Many of the comments mention new templates. I recommend providing Point2 members the option of FLASH templates.

    Bringing this type of upgrade will propell membership, retention and surpass most real estate agent services by far.

    Also, FLASH will increase agent vistors experience with a more interactive touch.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Ehsan says:

    This upgrade is not usefull for agents in India, as we don’t have any MLS here,
    but i am missing something very important because of this upgrade, the “Style Option”
    I sent a support issue and got a “Not Possible” response,
    I agree that almost 95% of the Point2 Agents are based in USA and Canada, where this MLS is popular and something used by every agent, so making and upgrading the product for them is what one can expect from any Good Company.
    But i would like Point2 to introduce some system, where we will have an option to create separate pages in our websites to show different Types of Listings, like we used to do before this upgrade, all i need is Separating Lands / Houses / Apartments / Row Houses,
    for easy navigation,

  • Peter says:

    We defiantely need new templates; the current ones are old and tired looking.

    The listing presentations are also lacking, they have not been updated in years. The same goes for the craigslist integration. Just look at what Postlets does. It is so much more professional looking.

    I currently use a IDX feed on my site for public viewing. Perhaps my MLS is different but they give me two feeds: one of just my listings, and one of the entire MLS. Since the presentation is much nicer than the point2 template, I just use that.

    I still hand enter selected listings for syndication purposes, but they are not visible on my site.

    For me the most important issue is modernizing the look of the templates. Going to a developer just seems to defeat the purpose of point2.

  • Carey, has there been any progress on improving the ability to customize forms?

  • The MLS auto load would be a welcome tool! As it is now, I have to list a home 5 times: Once for the MLS, Point 2, Company website (other provider), Backpage, and Craig’s list. That can take some time that could be better used on other tasks. If we could automatically upload to those last two, that would be great as well!

    I’ve never used anything but IE, but after last week, I think it is imperative that this get pushed up the list!

    I would love to see the drop down menus. i would also like to be able to choose which menu buttons are viewable on each individual page. I believe that will allow me to better direct a client the way I would like for them to access information. Adding a search tool for the site would be nice to accompany that to give clients options to find info.

    All in all, it has been a good year for me in Real Estate and I owe a part of that to the folks at Point2. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! Now make my New Year Happy!!! 🙂

  • I like many of Mr. Harb’s ideas listed above. I did not read through every comment but I would also like to see more options or templates for flyers. A one page flyer with more than one picture is less wasteful and more effective.

    I would also like to see our point2 email have a nice signature feature. Something that could keep the theme of our website would really help the branding. Also, adding a neighborhood is not as much of a headache as it used to be but I still don’t understand how some neighborhoods are blocked. Thanks for allowing us to provide feedback and keep up the good work. Merry Christmas.

  • Joe Park says:

    Point2 is a great est invention so far for the people in real estate business. I give my best wishes in 2009. Happy new year Megan and all for the staffs!!!

    But two area to be more updated.
    1. Search method is not highlighted. Make the arrow bigger and have the notice it. Usually customers are not professionals. We got to make more leads.

    2. As long as USA concerened, zip code search is the most efficient tools. city or neighborhood? We don’t know the name unless they are specilist of the area. Prospects would not think point2 is the best unless they could locate their dream home by zip code, like trulia or zillow. I got more contact from them.

  • Natalie Mercer says:

    I am an international Point 2 user and LOVE IT – so much so that we have recently go the other Cape Town Colliers agents to start using you, are you going to have a dual button that allows the listing to be available as both a rental or sale option, its very frustrating and time consuming to enter it in twice.

    We would love to also be able to be featured as one of your top websites, but as we dont have an mls in South Africa cant compete with the viewing numbers of the other websites, maybe you can have a winner of international users.

    Keep up the great work. Well done to Chris in Support always willing to help.


  • Natalie Mercer says:

    On another note – will you be doing anyy addons to cover the auctions area.

  • On our site, I am using IDX because it offers more choices and it’s a richer interface. I still use the Point2 listings but they are secondary.

    That being said, since I’m on the MLS committee now, I’m going to see if we can get the feed set up. It’s a real pain to enter everything twice and it has to get into Point2 to take advantage of their syndication and handshakes.

  • Geri Gomola says:

    I thought that this web site was fress when i joined. How is it that I had to pay $10 a month? When I tried to get the free trial for 14 days of the profesionlal version that didn’t work. I wanted to download the listing presentation & I still couldn’t. If I can’t use that tool I want to cancel out the Standard version as well. Geri Gomola

  • Megan says:

    Hi Geri,

    We offer our Standard Point2 Agent sites with a lengthy free trial and just $9.95 a month thereafter. If you have any questions or concerns about the features or functionality of your website – or even questions about what features are included in the various packages we offer, our Customer Service department would be more than happy to help you with that.

    You can use the ‘Contact Support’ link in your Online Office or send them an email: agent@point2agent.com.

    All the best,
    Megan L

  • Jason says:

    Still needing more ability to customize the onsite forms.

  • Todd Cutter says:

    Agreed. The onsite forms and options are too stringent and it would be nice to be able to modify them to better adapt to our needs. Our office suffers a number of issues. We are located in Costa Rica, where the MLS does not exist. Additionally, with the lack of the MLS the system allows too much flexibility of each member to upload neighborhoods, MLS locations and most locations are duplicated if not triplicated as there are no guidelines or supervision. Can someone help as this is hurting now only our agents, but the bottom line users.

    I was one of the first members in Costa Rica, and now there are hundreds, with no guidelines

  • Lakeshia Morfin says:

    Wow. Why could not I consider that?

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