The Real Estate Christmas Gift Guide


“What would you like for Christmas?”

Why is this seemingly easy question so hard to answer?!  I don’t know about you, but whenever someone asks me this I instantly draw a blank and end up mumbling something about “needing more socks”.

It is a strange phenomenon, we spend so much time pining for all sorts of things, but the moment someone asks us to articulate our desires we can’t think of a single thing we need or want.

Well no more!  Here is a short guide to some useful gift ideas that any real estate professional would love.  Keep these in the back of your mind, and the next time someone asks you about your wish list you will have some ideas to give them.  Trust me, its much better then finding piles of socks under the tree come Christmas morning…

Callpod Chargepod

Simplify your portable life with this great uber-charger.  Six outlets, supports all manufacturer adapters, and has a simplified cabling system.  Now you will always have your gadget arsenal juiced and at the ready to get out there and close some sales!
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Flip Mino HD

Who says an HD cam has to be a bulky beast?  About the same size as your PDA, this 3 ounce wonder easily slips into your pocket so you can take it anywhere.  720p widescreen HD video and 4GB of internal memory makes sure you can shoot lots of amazing home videos for your clients.
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Snapily Business Cards

Everyone has business cards, so how do you make yours memorable?  How about making them animated?  You read that right.  Go to the Snapily site where can you can choose from a huge selection of animated cards, or you can create your own.  Your clients will never want to set them down!
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Nikon D90

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that great listing photos are a must, but high-end DSLR cameras aren’t exactly cheap either.  Compromise by taking a look at this great camera, which comes equipped with many of the bells and whistles of its expensive siblings, while keeping a reasonable price tag.  Oh, and it takes amazing photos in full auto or manual.
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Real Estate professionals are always on the go, but does this constant activity actually translate into exercise?  FitBit is a small, unobtrusive dongle you can pocket which tracks all your activity to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.  It can even be worn on your pajamas to help you track your sleep in order to get the best nights sleep possible.
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Dash GPS

Never get lost on your way to a showing with this revolutionary two-way GPS.  In addition to being a digital road map, this internet enabled device can pull weather and traffic information in real time as well as pull listing information from the likes of Coldwell Banker.  Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road!
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Wine Library’s Wine of the Month Club

Sometimes the best gift to give is the gift of relaxation.  What better way to relax than with a specially selected wine?  Especially when it is a unique wine that is delivered to you every month!  Not a wine drinker?  This would still make a great closing gift, or you can look into something like the Bacon of the Month Club.
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Finally, if you still can’t think of anything worth asking for or if giving is more your style, consider making a charitable donation.  There are lots of great organizations that are making amazing things happen all over the world, but they depend on your donations to make it a reality.

Two of our favorite charities at Point2 are Kiva, a charity which provides micro-loans to people in order for them to create sustainable business, and The Prostate Cancer Research Institute of Canada which we raised money for by taking part in Movember.  After all, giving feels just as good as receiving!

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