December, 2008

The Open-Source AlternativeThe Open-Source Alternative

Open Office

As most people, not unlike myself, have realized, once the high of the holidays has worn off, the month of December takes a hefty …

What’s New from Point2 Agent?What’s New from Point2 Agent?

We set out to build an easy-to-use and readily available website and syndication platform.  In 2008 the primary focus of development at Point2 was rooted …

Shooting in a Winter WonderlandShooting in a Winter Wonderland

Here in central Canada, it’s not uncommon to have snow on the ground for up to six months a year. Mother Nature is such …

The Real Estate Christmas Gift GuideThe Real Estate Christmas Gift Guide

“What would you like for Christmas?” Why is this seemingly easy question so hard to answer?!  I don’t know about you, but whenever someone …

Engage Your Customers the Social Media WayEngage Your Customers the Social Media Way

Ear to the Ground

A while back, Chris wrote an intriguing post about Online Reputation Management.  One of the recommendations he shared for managing your own online reputation …

Inman Global Connect: Early Bird Pricing Ends SoonInman Global Connect: Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon

Global Connect NYC 2009

Recently we mentioned the value and importance of attending Inman’s Global Connect NYC on January 7-9, 2009.  We also highlighted a special offer from Point2 …

Simply the BestSimply the Best

Point2 Photo Checklist

Bad photos irk me somewhere deep down inside; similar to that feeling you get when forced to watch another living body sustain unnecessary injury. …

Targeted Marketing: Too Effective, Or Just Plain Creepy?Targeted Marketing: Too Effective, Or Just Plain Creepy?

Too Many Ads

Last night I was reading Matt Mason’s fantastic novel The Pirate’s Dilemma (which is probably the best thing I have read in ages) when …