An Inside Look: Working at Point2


Well it’s that time of year again.  I have made it back to the headquarters of Point2 in Saskatoon.  This time it’s a bit colder than when I was here in July but inside the office, it’s nice and warm.  I promised the next time I came for a visit to our head office I’d talk about what it’s like to actually work here, in addition to all the fun staff perks we offer.

So, let me give you all a mini-tour of the ins & outs of the working life at Point2. 

We have two offices.  The Point2 headquarters is located in Saskatoon, SK with a second office located in beautiful (yes, I am partial) Vancouver, BC.  In total there are currently 119 staff members who work like crazy to design, implement, deploy, and support the amazing software solutions Point2 produces.  Point2 develops software solutions for both the heavy equipment and real estate industries. 

Point2 on the map

Here are some logistics for you:

We’ve got about 70 staff members who work in some shape or form with the Agent products and 25 who work on the heavy equipment end of things.  Keeping us connected is our super-hi-tech Systems Administration team.  We also have amazing Administration and Accounting teams which keep day to day corporate life running smoothly and that make sure we all get paid on time – which I know I appreciate! In addition, we can’t forget about the Marketing Team who ensures that all information is shared in the best way possible.  Of course, without the amazing guidance we get from all our Executives we wouldn’t have such a solid direction. 

We occupy about 4 out of 5 floors of the office building we are situated in, in addition to the full basement Rec room.  All systems and support for the software we develop are handled in-house. 

For those who may call or email into our Customer Service Team you likely have spoken with or received assistance from one of our 25 Customer Service Representatives.  Our Customer Service Team provides the first line of support for our 200,000+ members via email (and telephone for Professional and Premium members), getting a response out by email often in less than 24 hours.

I would go on about the way our developers develop but I’ll be honest, it’s a bit over my head.  Let me just say that they use a method of development called Scrum Development, which helps them to maximize their development time and ensure that every new software release goes smoothly and efficiently.  From what I hear everyone just loves working using this method.

Take a look at some of our team members busy at work:

Inside Point2

The one thing that always amazes me and warms me to the core about working for Point2 is how awesome it is to feel like a valued member of a team.  Every time I return to Point2 there are always new team members from all different teams to meet and get to know and the common trait in everyone at Point2 (new and seasoned) is the friendly, upbeat, and positive attitudes that everyone radiates.  We love people like that here and we love finding new people who want to be part of the team.

I am of the opinion that where you work doesn’t have to be just another job.  We like to think of Point2 like an exclusive club.  Sounds pretty good right?  I am pretty sure we are always looking for new team members.


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