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A few weeks back I came across a great site called PollDaddy which lets it’s users create custom polls and surveys with a huge array of options and presentation styles. Needing an excuse to try out this neat tool I whipped up a quick survey to find out which social media sites/services Point2 employees and their friends used on a daily basis.

I anticipated that the results of this survey could be used in the print edition of The Point which came out this month – and you may have picked up if you were lucky enough to attend NAR in Orlando last week.

However, as it turns out, we simply had too much awesome content already scheduled to go to print. Which means that I get the pleasure of sharing the results with you – readers of the blogosphere!

Note: In order to view the results, you need flash!

From the results it is clear that Facebook is easily the most popular service, and judging by the commentary I have read, this comes as no surprise since Canada leads Facebook usage globally.

Another result worth mentioning is the surprising popularity of Windows Live Spaces – I was under the impression that no one really used this platform outside of an extension for MSN Live Messenger – but I guess I was wrong. You learn something new every day!

Finally, I was surprised by the adoption of Flickr amongst respondents. Well, actually, let me clarify. It is not surprising that people actually use Flickr over competing services (they do have over 3 billion images for a reason). But rather the fact that when I followed up with them, a surprisingly majority had Flickr Pro accounts – a paid, premium version of the service.

This signals to me that if you create a focused product, that does one like very well – like our Point2 Agent product does with syndication – people are always willing to pay for it. Which of course makes me one happy camper 🙂

What sites/services do you use on a daily basis?


  • Carey says:

    Good stuff Chris!

    It’s interesting that Twitter is creeping its way through Point2 – I think we’ve added several twitterers even since this poll closed.

    Also interesting is the absolute reams of press that Second Life has attracted versus its actual penetration into our First Lives, which appears to be pretty minimal.

  • Megan says:

    I have become slightly addicted to Twitter – and finding that there are a ton of Twitter-specific tools available from all sorts of providers I almost don’t even know which ones are worth using.

    I was also fond of Facebook, but lately I find that for me the novelty has begun to wear off. I now only login to Facebook once a week or so.

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