Old-school marketing revisited


Point2 Rocks it Old School

I am sure everyone agrees with me when I say that almost everything is online, super hi-tech, cutting edge and revolutionary in our day and age – including real estate.  Of course, as a software tech company who develops products for real estate professionals and MLS’s, you won’t hear us complaining about real estate becoming more hi-tech.

Sometimes the tendency to rely solely on cutting edge products and technology can lead to inadvertently alienating your consumers and leaving them feeling devoid of the personal touch.  I’ve been a huge fan of connecting with your customers lately and I think in any generation that connection is a huge aspect of successful business.

In fact, here at Point2 we took a bit of an old-school approach recently to connect with some of our current and future customers in our preparations for attending NAR in Orlando.  We decided we’d send out postcards.  Yep, that’s right, postcards.  We chose to use this method to connect with some of our key contacts prior to NAR.  We timed the postcards to arrive right before our contacts would be leaving for NAR.  In this way, we hoped that Point2 would still be fresh in their minds.  We also chose an old-school method versus sending a timely email because we recognize that in our day and age many emails go unread, especially by busy real estate professionals and executives.  A flashy professional postcard arriving in your mailbox is more likely to at least get a glance and maybe even a read where an email might not.

Thanks to technology and a great company called Expresscopy, we were able to do ‘old-school’ with a twist.  We were able to time a postcard delivery to a list of our contacts with one of the easiest systems out there.  Everything is done online, including designing the postcard itself – and the design possibilities are endless.  Expresscopy takes care of everything, from printing the postcards based on your design, to addressing them, and even mailing them to arrive in time for your set delivery date.  The best part is this bit of old-school marketing with the aid of technology was still really inexpensive.  (By the way, through Point2 you can get a sweet deal at Expresscopy – 100 free jumbo postcards or equivalent – but just make sure you use our link to get the deal.)  Expresscopy has a whole section of postcard designs devoted to real estate.

Sending postcards is just one method of old-school marketing that can be re-energized for today’s hi-tech world.  There are many others.  I’d really like to hear what other types of marketing you real estate professionals are doing that may be a reinvention of old-school practices.

Tell us your experiences.  We can kick it old-skool together.



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