NAR ’08 – exhibitionism


It’s been a great show here in Orlando.

The traffic and vibe are substantially lower than they have been historically, but year-over-year is not really a fair comparison – when it comes to bringing in the grown-ups, the poor little mouse just can’t hold a candle to sin city.

I always really enjoy walking the tradeshow floors at these shows.  Lots of familiar faces, good products and good companies, but also so many companies come and go, so many cool products with no business model to speak of don’t make it back to the show.

This year, there are far fewer real estate website companies than there have been in the past, but still a whole boatload of virtual tour/panorama/video tour type companies, some of them quite good.  There is also a large number of real estate listing syndication companies around this year.

We had an interesting encounter with one in particular.

We were chatting with a newer syndication company, which is something we try to do with most everybody of interest.  We were having quite a friendly conversation, discussing listing syndication in general and our own business models in particular.

We told him a little bit about our services, and he asked how much we charge.  When we told him that the syndication system is entirely free through MLSs and associations, and then free for six months for the Standard package . . . and then just ten bucks a month . . .

Well, the conversation got a bit less ‘familiar’ at that point 🙂  We were quickly dismissed and he walked away from us immediately.

Hmmm.  Guess he charges a little more for his eh?

We’re out first thing tomorrow, but I’ll try to put another post up this evening to tell you a little more about the Point2 Crew in Orlando, mustaches and all.

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