NAR ’08 – welcome to the hap-hap-happiest place on earth


The Point2 crew has arrived in Orlando for the annual NAR REALTORS Conferece & Expo, and is descending upon the Rosen Plaza Hotel and the Orange County Convention Center:

 Orange County Convention Center

We’ve already had some great meetings, attended a couple of strong sessions, and are proudly showing off one of our new ‘toys’ – an application that I believe will add enormous value for Point2 members without costing them a dime extra.

If you’re here in Orlando, give me a tweet at @felty – we’ve got a packed schedule, but we’d love to say hello to any and all of the Point2 faithful here in Disneyville.

*bonus points and maybe even a free air freshener for catching the reference in this post’s title 🙂

More to come . . . 

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