How many weekends did Google just ruin?


I’m having a bit of a love-in with Google Chrome right now.

Google Chrome Logo

Of course, I’m coming at it from two different perspectives.

1.  I’m enjoying Chrome as a run-of-the-mill web surfer, checking scores (winning), checking account balances (losing) and checking in with friends on Facebook (holding).

2.  But from the other side . . . as someone who works in tech and designs for the web, I can’t help but wonder how many web developers are going to be putting in 90 hour weeks in September to ensure full Chrome compatability.

(probably not a bad idea.)



  • Chris says:

    I know of several (pretty big names in the design world) that have said that they will not design/program for Chrome until it is out of Beta. But since it is a Google product, most everyone will jump on board sooner rather than later… especially since Google tends to call things Beta for several years.

    All that said, I do like, but haven’t really gone overboard using it.

  • Carey says:

    Consumers aren’t going to wait to start using it, so I’m not sure why it would make sense for a service provider to wait to improve the experience.

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