The Power of Syndication Part Four of Four


Over the past few weeks and months we’ve been sharing information about the importance and power of using listing syndication, and the benefits you’re sure to reap from syndicating your listings.  Now that you’ve syndicated your listings, what’s next?

Having your listings syndicated is just the start.  A key factor of a great syndication provider is one that takes the listing data, sends it out, keeps track of how they are doing, and report that information right back to you.  Why are reports on how your listings are doing at the syndication partners important?  Knowing which partners are doing well, where you could use additional exposure, and being able to gauge the traffic each listing is getting helps you to ensure that your listings are being marketed in the best way for you.  Quality syndication reports will show you the number of detailed views or referral clicks each listing has.  This allows you to see exactly how well your listings are performing.

A syndication provider that includes all of this automatically and continues to grow the list of partners will be ready for the long haul.  Make sure that your syndication needs are handled by experts who are working to be RETS compliant, gives control over who you choose to syndicate to, and provides detailed statistics and reports for you to evaluate.  Point2 Agent provides seamless syndication to over 35 partners and continues to add new and exciting partners all the time.

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