Real Estate Photography Part 1: An Introduction


Well, here we are; fourteen years after Apple introduced one of the first consumer-level, digital cameras to the market: the Quicktake 100. With a whopping 640×480 resolution, 1 MB memory, and serial adapter for easy uploading, this baby was cutting edge in photographic technology.

Apple Quicktake 100

Now I know that technology moves fast, but who would have guessed that in such a short time we’d have cameras like the Hasselblad H3DII-50 with a 8176×6132 (50 megapixel) resolution, capable of producing single images with a file size of around 150 MB each, and lightning fast FireWire 800 upload connections?

The Hasselblad

For progress like that, there’s obviously a demand for high-quality visual images in our modern world.

No matter where photographic technology goes, I think it’s safe to say that good photos will always rely on three simple things: good lighting, accurate timing, and pleasant framing. Ok, ok, and a sweet camera never hurts either.

Real estate photography too, has survived its own technological revolution. In the film era, photos still played a crucial role in selling houses. In fact, it really wasn’t an issue of quality that forced real estate professionals to switch from film to digital; rather, it was an issue of speed. There’s simply no time to wait for a roll of film to get developed when listing photos need to be uploaded and marketed online.

With all the advancements in both real estate technology and photographic technology, it’s amazing that so many agents are able to post high-quality pictures for each and every listing. Yes, it’s fair to say that many have sought out professional photographers to meet this demand, but for those who have taken the effort to learn themselves, all I can say is, when do you sleep?

For those who’d like to improve the quality of their listing photos, discuss concepts and techniques, or maybe just gather some tips and tricks, I hope you’ll appreciate some of my upcoming blog posts that will focus specifically on photography and its applications for the real estate professional.

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  • Tyler B. says:

    Wow, I had no idea that Apple was one of the first in the digital camera market. It is quite humbling to think that my cell phone has a much more powerful camera than that relic!

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