Home Feedback or “Get out of my house, Stinky”


How much information is too much information?

For some questions, less is more:

“How do I look?” 

“What do you really think about my mother?”

“Why don’t you want to go dinner with my friends?”

These are areas in which one should choose to provide as little information as possible, barring any sort of predilection for self-incrimination 🙂

Can the same be said for feedback about one’s home?

I have just recently sold a home that I loved, and part of that process involved feedback from potential buyers – plenty of it. 

My Broadway House

My agent, an excellent and technologically-savvy professional, enlists the services of www.homefeedback.com to help facilitate the feedback process, and it was rather effective, delivering to him (and to us) dozens of comments and concerns and . . . gasp! . . . critiques.

I loved that house.  How dare you insult its yard so flagrantly!  How unkind of you to suggest that its basement “stinks”!  Maybe it’s you that stinks! 

I found myself rushing to my home’s defense, not for any reason relating to its potential sale, but rather for the house’s sake itself – I had to defend my home’s honour.  After all, houses have feelings too, you . . . wait.  Better scratch that last one.

Inside my Broadway House

The feedback was very valuable, but it left me wondering . . . is it effective for the homeowner?  Can a homeowner ever be coldly detached enough to take critiques about something as emotional as a home at face value?

Of course, this is the domain of the real estate professional (one small part of it, at least).  To take the overly critical buyers, the overly fippant comments left for feedback, and the overly emotional and defensive homeowners, and mash that all up into something that helps the seller ensure that the home is priced right, is in appropriate shape, and does not, in fact, stink.

It worked for me, and in the end I was able to take the comments in stride and make the necessary adjustments to satisfy these unreasonable monsters and sell my home.

But afterwards, I couldn’t help but feel like a few people owed an apology . . . to my house.



  • Bevan says:

    I would like to know exactly what a point 2 home is, and/or what is involved in point 2 real estate.

  • Megan says:

    Great questions. Point2 Agent is a web-based software solution for real estate professionals. One aspect of the software allows licensed real estate agents and brokers to enter their listings and advertise them online, including Point2’s own listing marketplace, Point2 Homes.

    You can find a lot of information about Point2 Agent and our software, or browse listings on Point2 Homes by visiting our websites:

    Hope that helps!

  • Mike says:

    With today’s tech-savvy sellers web-based software applications which provide transparency to the seller are becoming the norm. Our office has implemented a similar feedback system, MyListingFeedback.com (http://mylistingfeedback.com) and agents have reported much higher feedback response rates while their sellers are becoming more involved in the sales process.

    Mike Arnold
    ReMAX Alliance
    Chicago, IL

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