The Power of Syndication Part Three of Four


We know what Syndication is and the basics of how it all works from the earlier posts in this series.  But why should you syndicate?

As a real estate professional, you already know that getting your listings on the web in as many places as possible is important.  You have a couple different options.  You can take the listing data you have already entered into your website and enter them again, manually, on the various listing websites.  Consider the time involved in re-entering your listing data and re-formatting for various types of platforms.

Listing syndication is the perfect solution for any busy real estate professional.  It just makes sense to enter your listings once and let the system do all the work for you, with little to no effort required by you.  All you need to do is select what syndication partner you want to advertise on and the rest is done for you.  Syndication means the best exposure for you and your listings by getting them out there.  Consumers are searching for listings.  Having yours in front of as many eyes as possible, in as many venues as possible, is clearly a wise business decision.

So, you’re syndicating your listings now, what’s next?  The final post in this series, to follow shortly, will show you.

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