The Power of Syndication Part Two of Four


In the previous post of this series we gave a brief overview of what syndication is.  Let’s go a bit deeper and see how it all works.

An automated listing syndication provider will take your listing data as entered and ensure that it is sent out in regular feeds to the set list of ‘partners’ that they have established agreements with.

In the past, listing feed partners all used different formats for entering the data in their system so sometimes setting up a functional listing syndication feed was a challenge to ensure that the data would carry over correctly.  Recently, continued work on RETS – the Real Estate Transaction Standard, has ensured continued growth towards a unified system that uses the same data fields.

The hope is that if everyone uses RETS that more syndication can occur, easier, and more successfully.  Having a listing syndication provider who is working to be RETS compliant is going to be successful now and into the future.

All you need to do is enter your listing once at your website provider.  Automatically, your listing data is converted into the required multiple formats to be sent to the various listing feed partners. Some of the major listing feed partners include Google Base, Yahoo! Real Estate, Oodle, Trulia, LiveDeal, Zillow, and many more.  The more feed partners your syndication provider offers, the more exposure your listings are going to receive automatically.

Of course, Point2 Agent offers syndication to the above mentioned syndication partners and more – over 30!

More posts about syndication and your business in the upcoming weeks . . .

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