People are passionate about real estate.


. . . and to prove it, look no further than local real estate blogger extraordinaire, Norm Fisher.

Norm’s blog:

Norm has taken our little city in Saskatoon, Canada through its housing market explosion and back again.

Where is Saskatoon?

Sure, the local market has seen a pretty wild ride over the last couple of years, but what’s most interesting is just how much commentary – and how much passion – Norm’s real estate blog elicits.

Through all of the ups and downs of the Saskatoon real estate cycle, the comments on Norm’s blog have sparked heated debate – many posts pushing over the 100-comment threshold (particularly impressive considering how highly local the content and how small the city).

Norm’s blog is a cool little peek into how involved people get when you mix what is in many ways a purely financial marketplace with what is a purely emotional fixture – one’s home. And that’s one of the reasons I love it 😉

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