DOJ vs. NAR, the Canadian Connection


Earlier this year, I was put in the very interesting position of providing a deposition in the DOJ vs. NAR case on behalf of Point2.

The process itself was a little bit intimidating, but I was honoured and excited to be given the opportunity to participate in what was looking to be a landmark decision.

In the coming weeks I would like to reflect a little more on the case, the result, and Point2’s participation in it, but since I’ve received the official transcript of my testimony, for now I just wanted to point this out . . .

1.  The transcript of my testimony includes an index of all words spoken during the full-day deposition.

2.  Everybody knows that we Canadians pronounce the word “about” in a slightly different – often referred to as “funny” – manner. 

3.  So given the breakdown below . . .how did everyone in the room manage to keep a straight face for 8 hours?

DOJ vs NAR - Point2






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