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At my fitness club, they have a rotating schedule of classes that are available.  This schedule changes probably once every two months.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to those classes but last night I felt like joining in the weight training class.  I pulled out and dusted off my schedule only to find that it was already outdated.  But never fear!  Right on the back, next to the gym hours, it says ‘Visit our Website for class schedules’. 

How convenient! 

I check out the online schedule and make plans to attend the class.  Imagine my surprise when there is no class.  When I inquired about the mistake on the website schedule I am told . . .

‘The website doesn’t get updated often.’ 


Okay, I understand that many businesses have a ‘token’ website, which probably doesn’t get updated very often.  But, why would you tell people to go to your website if there is nothing of benefit there?

You’re probably wondering, how does this even remotely relate to a real estate professional and their real estate website?  Well, getting a website and a domain name isn’t enough.  If you have a site and start advertising it everywhere (as you should), then it’s pretty important to make sure that when people do go to your site there is something for them to see. 

Also, if you make specific targeted claims, such as ‘View More Listings on my website’, make sure that you have those listings there!  Deliver on what you are enticing visitors with and you won’t have frustrated prospects. 

Yes, this does mean some work on your part.  You need to make sure your website content is updated, relevant, informative, and beneficial to visitors.  It will be worth it when you have a satisfied customer who knows they didn’t get undersold when taking you up on your prompt to view your website.

The moral of my little rant: Make sure your website can deliver on what you say will be there (or even better – hire that computer-whiz nephew of yours to do it for you:-)) .

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