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Why are home value estimates important?

Whether you’re just curious about how much your home is worth, or you are thinking about selling, having reliable and accurate numbers is essential for your next move.

If you’re on Point2 looking to buy a home, you can get an idea of the final sale price for the listing that sparked your interest.

Why should you talk to a real expert?

The experience of local real estate agents is invaluable in getting a correct evaluation of your home with its unique features. They can offer advice, evaluate subjective aspects and help you strategically price your home in order to maximize your profits. Online tools miss the human touch.

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A home value estimate from a real estate professional is always more accurate than any automated tool out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what my house is worth?
The fastest way to find out what your house is worth is to use an automated online calculator. But if you are looking for a more accurate value, you should get in touch with a real estate professional who can run the numbers for you. Fill out your address and contact details in the form above to connect with a professional today!
How is my home value calculated?
The first step is to look at recently sold homes similar to yours in size and year built, which serve as a baseline for calculating your own home’s worth. Any differences in your home that would add or subtract value, such as an extra bedroom or aging roof, will factor into the calculation. Real estate agents will also factor in local trends, details about neighbourhood development and many more subtle details that will improve the accuracy of your home value estimate.
How accurate are home value estimators?
Most automatic home value calculators use past sales data to estimate the value of your property. Advanced calculators might take other factors into account. But only a real estate professional can offer a truly accurate estimate, taking into account real estate trends and events that couldn’t be part of a database. Get in touch with a HomeLight professional by sending a request using the form above.
Why is the home value estimate important?
Having an accurate property value estimate helps you maximize your profit when buying or selling a property. In essence you make sure that your initial pricing is spot on, so you don’t lose by undervaluing the property you intend to sell. Similarly, it protects you from overspending on a property you intend to buy.
What factors affect home value?
Depending on the local market there are a lot of things that could affect your home value, either by raising or lowering it. From the aspect of your curb appeal or the quality and age of your plumbing system, to local neighbourhood developments or unique home features, there are many aspects to take into account.