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Bayamon, PR Homes for Sale & Real Estate

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City Guide to Bayamon, PR
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Quick facts about Bayamón:

Population: 185,187

Median age: 41.4

Population per square mile: 4,695.3

Land area: 44.32 square miles

Number of households: 67,476

Median household income: $26,420

Income per capita: $14,782

Source: Latest U.S. Census data

What is Bayamón known for?

Bayamón is the second-most populous city in Puerto Rico. It’s located in the north-central valley of the island, just 20 miles south of the capital city of San Juan.

As part of the metropolitan area of San Juan, Bayamón shares many characteristics with the capital city. For example, the art and music of the capital has filtered into the city and can be discovered in its restaurants, bars and everyday life. Bayamón is a busy community filled with shopping, agriculture and — thanks to its proximity to the ocean — fantastic surfing and swimming opportunities.

Are Bayamón homes for sale expensive?

Bayamón offers a nice variety of homes, condos, and apartments available to suit all budgets and preferences, and real estate and rentals are a little less expensive here than in nearby San Juan. The city is designed more for those looking to live and work in Puerto Rico, as opposed to retire here. The median property value in Bayamón is: 

What are the best neighborhoods to buy a home in Bayamón?

Bayamón is made up of 12 barrios, with the most populous being Hato Tejas, Minillas, Juan Sanchez, Pajaros and Cerro Gordo.

Pueblo of Bayamón

This part of the city is basically Bayamón’s downtown core, where most of its administrative buildings are located. Bayamón City Hall is famously built across a divided highway, allowing visitors to pass between buildings in a corridor over the street.

Hato Tejas

Hato Tejas is home to Puerto Rico’s first sugarcane factories and mills, which contributed to a thriving local economy. The Parque de las Ciencias is situated here and the barrio is just a short drive from the Caribbean shoreline.


The barrio of Minillas is part of a quite developed area located at the heart of the city. It’s home to the Bayamón campus of the University of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean University and the Universidad Central del Caribe.

Juan Sanchez

Situated in the far northeastern part of the city, Juan Sanchez is home to international retail companies, restaurants, shops and other services. The barrio is bordered by the Rio Hondo and the Canal Rio Bayamón to the west, as well as Fort Buchanan to the east.

What is the education level in Bayamón?

The public school system in Bayamón is similar to the one in the U.S., except that classes are taught in Spanish. Local schools are under the governance of the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Here, 80.7% of the local population has graduated high school, while 28.8% hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

Bayamón is home to several colleges and universities. The University of Puerto Rico has a campus in the city, offering degree programs in biology, computer science, chemistry, electronics, engineering and more. Bayamón Central University is a private, Catholic institution. Other notable higher education establishments include the American University of Puerto Rico, Universidad Central del Caribe and Metropolitan University.

What kind of jobs are there in Bayamón?

In addition to boasting a thriving tourism industry, Bayamón also has one of the largest commerce sectors in Puerto Rico, with dozens of shopping malls and plazas scattered around the city. Coffee, grapefruit, sugarcane and tobacco are all part of the local agriculture sector, with Bayamón also being home to a sugarcane mill that dates back to 1549.

What to do in Bayamón?

Bayamón showcases its unique culture in a variety of ways, hosting many culturally significant festivals and events throughout the year. For instance, the Festival de la Santa Cruz pays homage to Bayamón’s patron saint and features religious processions, music and food. The Festival de Artesania, the Festival del Chicharron and the Jose Celso Barbosa Anniversary are other notable local events.

Among the city’s most important landmarks are its two major museums, the Museo Francisco Oller and the José Celso Barbosa House. The Parque de la Ciencias is a large science center boasting an observatory, a zoo, an artificial lake, and various exhibits touching on subjects like space exploration, science and health.

Bayamón has a thriving nightlife that features popular locations such as El Tropical Casino Bayamón, La Factoria, Club Brava, Start Night and El Farolito. Several sports teams also call Bayamón home, including several professional and amateur baseball, basketball and volleyball teams, along with the Puerto Rico Islanders and the Bayamón FC soccer teams.