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Located in the northwest part of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla has the most beaches in all of Puerto Rico thanks to having the Atlantic Ocean encompass its northern and western borders. There are approximately 61,000 people living within the 76.3 square miles of the city and over 312,000 in the Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastián Metropolitan Statistical Area. Puerto Rico is considered a territory of the United States.

Tourism is a major industry in Aguadilla due to its plentiful beaches and excellent surfing conditions. In fact, there are nineteen beaches in Aguadilla. Other top industries in Aguadilla include the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors as well as rubber, plastics, steel, machinery and more. Major companies with operations in Aguadilla include LifeScan, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin and Lufthansa Technik. Aguadilla is home to several universities including the University of Puerto Rico.

Culture and history play a major role in Aguadilla’s personality. For over 400 years, the Spanish had claimed the island territory. It was not until 1898 though that the United States officially claimed Puerto Rico as their own. Catholicism is the main religion in Puerto Rico with over 80% identifying as such. An additional 8% identify as Protestant.

You’ll find the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena,the Ojo de Agua in Aguadilla, as well as the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse dating back to 1889 and considered a historic landmark.

Aguadilla is mostly flat and borders the Atlantic Ocean. Considered a tropical rainforest climate, Aguadilla experiences warm weather throughout the year with the hottest month being June when the average high temperature is 81 degrees. The coldest month is January and it is not much cooler with its average high temperatures in the mid-70s. May and November are the rainiest months with over 6 inches of precipitation each. February is the driest month with less than 2 inches. Overall, there is approximately 51 inches of rainfall each year.

Real estate and rentals are less expensive than in other parts of Puerto Rico such as the capital. Due to increased tourism and the thriving corporations, real estate development is continuing to grow in Aguadilla. There are homes, condos and apartments available to suit different location preferences and budgets.

Although the streets seem crowded and the facades have a faded look, Aguadilla still has much to offer in terms of living, employment and higher education. There are many great landmarks, picturesque water views and unbeatable surfing opportunities.


Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  • Country: The United States

  • Territory: Puerto Rico

  • Nickname(s): "The New Garden of the Atlantic"

  • Population: 61,000

  • Area:

    Land: 94.7 km2

    Water: 100.9 km2


Lifestyle and Culture

There are two well-known museums in Aguadilla: The Ramey Air Force Base Museum with aircraft displays and collections, and the Museo de Arte de Aguadilla. Aguadilla is filled with many landmarks and even ruins such as the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins. The Roman Catholic Parish Church San Carlos Borromeo is a testament to the role religion plays in Puerto Rico. Aguadilla hosts many great annual festivals and events including the Rafael Hernández Music Festival, the Festival of the Virgin of Carmen, the Playero Festival and the Aguadilla Festival in the Bay. Aguadilla is home to the Aguadilla Sharks, who are part of the Superior Baseball League. There are many professional baseball players who originate from this region of Puerto Rico.


Entertainment and Tourism

ParqueAcuático Las Cascadas is one of the biggest aquatic parks in the whole Caribbean and includes a wave pool, lazy river, a children’s area, slides and more. El Merendero is a beautiful spot which overlooks the bay and Parque Colon is a magnificent park near the beach where the first Spanish ships landed. The park features a fountain, playgrounds, vendors, an enormous tree house and more. Many of the bars in Aguadilla center around a sports-type atmosphere with some of the more popular ones being Babylon Sports Bar and Castillo Sports Bar. The Ocean Casino and JD Tropical are other great spots to grab a drink. The biggest sport in Aguadilla is surfing with many great beaches where surfers can hit the Atlantic waters. Crash Boat is considered one of the best spots to ride the waves.

Entertainment and Tourism

Districts & Neighborhoods

Aguadillais separated into 16 barrios including Aguadilla Pueblo, Victoria, Palmer, and Caimital Alto. Some of the major locations in Aguadilla are the beaches and the downtown area.



Shopping, dining and great parks greet visitors to the downtown area of Aguadilla. Although it resembles a fishing village with narrow streets and faded wooden homes, there is still a lot of charm in downtown Aguadilla. The library, Luis T. Diaz Coliseum, the Aguadilla Ice Skating Rink and the city government are all located in downtown Aguadilla. A part of the barrio Caimital Alto is also downtown.


With so much of Aguadilla on the Atlantic, there are some incredible beaches like Playa Crash Boat with bars, a pier and plenty of areas to swim and surf. Playa Wilderness is another famous beach complete with amazing cliffs and the ruins of an old lighthouse.Some of the barrios that encompass the beaches include Aguacate, Maleza Alta and Maleza Baja.

Real Estate Market

The beautiful beaches help fuel the tourism industry, and a robust economy with major companies like Hewlett Packard and Lockheed Martin makes the area attractive for folks looking for good jobs and real estate in Puerto Rico.

Housing options are moreaffordable in Aguadilla than in other spots in Puerto Rico like San Juan, the capital. Rental prices are nearly 30% lower than San Juan. When compared to Miami, one of the closest mainland cities to Aguadilla, rentals and real estate is generally 40% less.

Homes in Aguadilla vary in size and location and there are plentiful options to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs. For retirees looking for the ideal vacation home on the beach or folks searching for the perfect home with a little more rural vibe, Aguadilla has a steady market and great options to choose from.

As a territory of the United States, there are no strict laws regarding home sales like there are in other Caribbean countries such as Mexico.

  • Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre: $1,282.50
Home Style Average Rent Price
1-bedroom apartment in City Centre $491.67
1-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre $491.67
3-bedroom apartment in City Centre $916.67
3-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre $916.67

Source: (May 2017)



The Puerto Rico Department of Education oversees education in Aguadilla. Within the city limits there are 27 public schools as well as 6 colleges/universities. There are also some private institutions located in Aguadilla . The University of Puerto Rico is the main public university in Puerto Rico with 11 campuses. Nearly 3,000 students attend the campus located in Aguadilla. Other notable universities and colleges include The Metropolitan University and the Inter American University of Puerto Rico.
Public schools in Aguadilla are similar to those in the United States,the main exception being that classes are taught in Spanish. Elementary schools are for grades 1-6, junior high school is for grades 7-9 and high school covers grades 10-12. The literacy rate is approximately 94%.

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