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Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city of the state of Georgia.

The city encompasses 134 sq. miles and in 2017 its estimated population was 486,290.

It ranks 10th nationally in terms of GDP, and it is the economic and cultural center of the Atlanta metropolitan area, which has more than 4,500,000 people and is the ninth-largest in the U.S.

As an inland city, it could be said that it was never a typically Southern town, but instead of the sea it has hills and forests.

The place has always been a major railroad hub, and since 1998 the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic.

In a list of 82 cities, the 13th annual “Literate City" ranking classed Atlanta as the 4th most learned metro in the U.S.

There is a wide range of real estate here. According to a rental comparison site’s data from 2011 to 2016, Metro Atlanta encompasses 6 of the nation’s 20 most popular suburbs for renters.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia
  • Country: USA

  • State: Georgia

  • Nickname(s): "The City in a Forest"

  • Population: 486,290 (2017 estimated)

  • Area:

    Land: 133.2 sq. miles

    Urban: 1,963 sq. miles

    Metro: 8,376 sq. miles


Lifestyle and Culture

Atlanta has a modern ambiance and has been described as the U.S. city which most rapidly embraces new architectural ideas—it has an impressive skyline. The drive towards modernization resulted in older buildings being replaced, but locals still have strong respect for their city’s history. Among the forms of music the locals enjoy, Country has been perhaps the most significant since it was brought here by musicians from the nearby Appalachian mountains.

Atlanta is proud to be a harmonious city. Martin Luther King Jr. was born here and became a focus of the nationwide civil rights movement in the 1960s, and the place enjoyed the label the "city too busy to hate." By the 1970s, African-Americans made up the majority of the city’s population and the first black mayor of any Southern city was elected here. The 1996 Summer Olympic Games further fostered the sense of civic pride.


Entertainment and Tourism

There is a thriving cultural scene in Atlanta. For example, tourists can explore the city's numerous theaters, museums, galleries and concert halls. The Fox Theatre is an architecturally interesting building that offers opera, ballet, rock concerts and other events. In addition, there are the Egyptian Ballroom and the Grand Salon.

The Georgia Aquarium was for a while the world’s largest. It features 700 species of marine life including sharks, sea otters and sea lions. The History Museum features a guided tour of the Margaret Mitchell exhibition, celebrating the woman who wrote Gone with the Wind, and The World of Coca-Cola depicts the history and development of the world-famous drink. The Michael C. Carlos Museum, located in Emory University, is one of the city’s oldest museums and has a large collection of ancient art.

Entertainment and Tourism


Atlanta has 242 neighborhoods officially designated by the city. It can also be divided into larger areas such as Downtown, Midtown, West Midtown and Buckhead.



Downtown Atlanta is bounded by Interstate 20 to the south, Northside Drive to the west, North Avenue to the north and Boulevard to the east. It serves as the city’s central business district and there are many government offices and corporate headquarters here. It also hosts the city’s main sporting venues and Georgia State University’s main campus. It has nine sub-districts, including the well-known Five Points, which is an important intersection with many interesting shops and colorful murals.


Midtown Atlanta is situated between Downtown to the south and Buckhead to the north. It has a high concentration of residential accommodation, office blocks and retail outlets. It also has many cultural institutions, for example the Museum of Design, the Fox Theatre, the Woodruff Arts Center, and the High Museum of Art. It has its own business district and a historic sub-district. For relaxation, there is the large Piedmont Park and the adjacent Atlanta Botanical Garden.

West Midtown

West Midtown, also known as Westside, is considered to be bounded by Northside Drive to the east, Marietta Boulevard to the west, Hollowell Parkway to the south and the Buckhead district to the north. West Midtown is diverse and eclectic, and some parts have seen gentrification in recent years. A few of the neighborhoods here are the suburban Adair Park, the largely industrial Blandtown, and Westside Provisions, which has both industrial and residential areas plus some highly rated restaurants.


Buckhead is in the northern-most part of Atlanta. It formerly had several historically black neighborhoods and a reputation as a place for partying. It is also an area known for its attractive and upscale real estate, with many large detached houses. There is a core area with high-rise office buildings and hotels, in addition to some condominiums. There are no fewer than 43 neighborhoods here, and also forests and hills for residents to enjoy. Buckhead hopes to become a city in its own right sometime soon.

Real Estate Market

As Atlanta expanded in the 19th Century, mansions were constructed along Peachtree Street, which passes through both Downtown and Midtown. Property development took off in the 1980s, and then in the 2000s a lot of high-rise condo buildings went up. Currently, many people from around the country are moving to the Atlanta metro area, creating more demand in the real estate market here.

Midtown is one of Atlanta’s havens for busy singles and young professionals, and so usually has plenty of smart apartments to buy and to rent. On the side streets near Peachtree Street, where Midtown’s business district is centered, there are also historical, renovated homes. Downtown doesn’t tend to have as many residential properties for sale.

Being a large and diverse area, West Midtown has a wide range of properties for sale. If you are an investor, or a homebuyer looking to make a profit a few years down the road, you might be well advised to look in one of the areas which have been seeing improvements.

Buckhead is generally upscale these days and is home to some of the most elegant homes and estates in Metro Atlanta, whose high-salary residents enjoy the world-class shopping and dining here. In addition to these, there has been a construction boom underway and more apartment blocks are now being seen.

  • Average Home Price: $318,000
  • Median Home Price: $256,000
  • Average Rent Price: $1,433

Property sales figures source: the Atlanta REALTORS® Association, January 2019. 



Atlanta Public Schools district currently has an enrollment of more than 54,000 students who attend schools on a total of 103 sites. In September 2018, they announced that they had achieved a record high school graduation rate of 79.9%. Neighborhoods such as Druid Hills in the northwest of the metropolitan area tend to have the highest percentages of high school graduates aged 25 or over.

Georgia Institute of Technology is ranked the 8th highest performing public national university in the US, and has even been given the name “smartest public college in America.” University of Georgia, which is also a public institution, is based in the nearby city of Athens but also has a campus in Atlanta. Emory University, Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse School of Medicine are private institutions located here.


Economic Overview & Outlook

Atlanta was badly affected by the 2008 financial crisis, but has recovered well. At the end of 2018, the forecast for Georgia was good, with economic growth continuing to exceed that of the nation as a whole. Some factors may slow growth, for instance rising asset prices and a tightening job market, but it is thought that real estate development should act as an economic counterweight.

With 26 Fortune 1000 companies having their headquarters in the city, Atlanta scores 3rd place behind New York City and Houston. Some of the most famous of these are The Home Depot Inc., United Parcel Service, and Coca-Cola. The unemployment rate for the Atlanta metro area has been falling and at the end of 2018 was approximately 3.6%. Another factor that bodes well for the future is the city’s high number of college students and its improved ability at retaining them.

Economic Overview and Outlook
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