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Texas Capital Real Estate, LLC
Mr. Borge born in April 1977, is a founder Texas Capital Real Estate, LLC. The company was founded in 2008 with $1,000 and an unprecedented idea – educate directly to the public entrepreneurial and real estate investing skills.;Prior to his current role, Mr. Borge served as an Enterprise Consultant at the Executive Marketing level within the Dell Americas and Product Group organizations. He worked in a BPI project that helped save the company half a million dollars in a single group project and later became a mentor to help others do BPI projects. He successfully saved the company $53 Million in 1 quarter alone. He also served as Technical Engineer with Dell's Enterprise Systems Group and handle major account in Latin America and Brazil. ;While working with Dell, Mr. Borge was also building his own business. His experience in building his own business while managing several projects within Dell afforded Mr. Borge very valuable entrepreneurial skills.;Mr. Borge has worked for many years in customer service, managerial and has over 15 years in sales expertise. As a business owner of over 9 years, he has mastered all aspects of the negotiation process and is an excellent project manager. In 2003, he discovered the value of real estate investing and bought his first investment property. Johan owns Texas Capital Real Estate, LLC which is a real estate investing firm. They are actively investing in the Austin market and internationally in other countries. They are buying properties to fix and hold as well as investing in land projects and commercial development.
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