2-Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Bridgewater Town, MA

Listings last updated 10/01/2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Bridgewater Town, MA?

There are 16 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Bridgewater Town, MA with prices ranging from $2,595 to $3,595.

How to find 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Bridgewater Town, MA?

Looking for 2 bedroom rentals in Bridgewater Town, MA has never been easier. The filtering options on Point2 help you find the apartments that cater to your every need, while the map view lets you determine whether the homes for rent you're interested in are close to the services of your choice. Listings on the website display a lot of information as well - square footage, amenities, even local demographic data and rent trends.

How to find 2 bedroom apartments for rent near me?

Use the 2 bedroom apartments for rent near me page to find rentals close to your location. Additionally, see other nearby apartments for rent that suit your needs.
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