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Welcome to Cebu Real Estate!;If you are desperately looking for your desired home or investment property, Vatics Global Properties Buyer's Team will help you find them while you do what you normally enjoy - spending time with family or attend business matters. Investing your home search or investment property finds with a real estate professional is worth the protection you will have from unlicensed and con-artist real estate salespeople. ;There are so many cases that buyers get duped, fooled, or swindled by masters of deception in real estate. To get a hand and go after with erring real estate practitioners, make sure they are licensed and registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). A person who purports to be a real estate professional without a license to present is enough proof that you should be wary & careful about. You could be his/her next victim. No one could be so sure with the person until you are assured you can get him/her under the bounds of the law. Otherwise, you are risking everything you have worked hard for.
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