Panama Real Estate Agents

I grew up in Las Tablas, Panama from a dairy farming family. In my childhood I was exposed to all the towns and cities of Las Tablas, Pedasi, Tonosi, Pocri, Guarare, Los Santos and Macaracas. I got to know most routes, rivers, creeks, animals and most important, the people.;In the Panamanian little leagues, I represented my province of Los Santos on a National tournament of baseball. Later on, I lead my local team (Las Palmitas - Little Palms) to three championships in the internal leagues of Las Tablas.;Utah, hosted me on an academic scholarship that I earn from the USAID Central America Scholarship Program on the States (CASS). There, I earned a degree with honor in the top 10% of the class and got great experience with an American host family and their culture.;In Panama I have served as the president and other positions at the board of directors of the Cooperativa de Servicios Integrales Gladys B. de Ducasa from 1996 - 2000 while I was continuing my university education as a Bachelor in Accounting and did graduate studies in Business management.;Later on, I went to North Carolina for two years for an exchange visitor program consisting on a training on the job experience. ;Back in Panama, I got married and start a family. Also I managed the Beef and Dairy Cooperative from Los Santos for four years. I quit this job to found my own company where we have develop a residential project in Las Tablas, Own the operation of a Hotel in Chitre, Hotel Bali Panama and have been licensed to be a Real Estate Broker where I have partner with Gregory Blake from Idaho to start Azuero Real Estate and Nuario, S.A.
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