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Located in the northeastern part of Mexico, Tamaulipas borders the southern tip of Texas and its eastern side stretches along the Gulf of Mexico. There are approximately 3.5 million people living within the almost 31,000 square miles of the state, over 40% of which live in the metropolitan area of Reynosa. The capital of Tamaulipas is Ciudad Victoria.

Tamaulipas has two varying economies separated by the north and the south. The northern part of Tamaulipas has a similar economy to Texas in regards to agriculture. There are also many maquiladoras, factories owned by companies located outside of Mexico, in northern Tamaulipas. The southern part of the state’s economy is geared more toward oil, petrochemicals, and shipping. In the central part of the state is La Pesca, a growing tourist destination right on the water. There are three major universities and colleges located in Tamaulipas including the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas.

Varying cultures and influences have played a major role in Tamaulipas’s history. There have been people located in the area for over 8,000 years. Much of the influence stems from the Olmex, Chichimex and Huastec tribes as well as the Aztecs. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Spanish grew their settlements, bringing in Christianity. Today, nearly 75% of the state identifies as Roman Catholic with another 8% as Protestant. Religion’s impact in Tamaulipas dates back to the 1830’s when the Cathedral of NuestraSenora Villa del Refugio was one of the first structures to be constructed in Matamoros in northern Tamaulipas.

You’ll find the El Cielo Biosphere Ecological Reserve, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Tamaulipas, as well as migrating turtles at Playa Tesoro, all within Tamaulipas.

The geography of Tamaulipas varies from the coastal plains to the cactus and pastures found more inland. Most of the state’s climate is dry or semi-dry. In Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros and Reynosa, the weather is quite similar with the hottest temperatures reaching into the mid-to-upper 90s April through September. Lows will dip into the low-60s on average in December, January and February. The rainiest months are June and September when Tamaulipas receives over one-third of its average annual rainfall of 29 inches.

Real estate and rentals are available in the crowded state of Tamaulipas. The industrial cities are often busy and offer familiar retail outlets found in the United States such as Walmart, Burger King and Starbucks.Homes, condos and apartments are available to suit all budgets and locations including those overlooking the beautiful waters of the Gulf.

While Tamaulipas does not have the tourist reputation of Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, it still offers over 200 miles of coastline from Texas to Veracruz. Along the northern border there are plenty of employment opportunities and natural beauty can be found throughout.


Tamaulipas, Mexico

Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Country: Mexico

  • Capital: Ciudad Victoria

  • Population: 3.5 million

  • Area:

    Land: 80,249 km2


Lifestyle and Culture

There are many museums showcasing the culture of Mexico and Tamaulipas such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Tamaulipas, the Mexican Agriculture Museum and the Reynosa History Museum. Places like the Cultural Center in Nuevo Laredo features plays, concerts, recitals and more. The Tamaulipas International Festival in Nuevo Laredo is a major annual event with over 650 cultural activities. Other festivals include the Sombrero Festival and the Festival Del Mar in Matamoros. Major universities and colleges are found throughout Tamaulipas, especially in Nuevo Laredo which is home to twelve universities. The Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, InstitutoTecnologico de Nuevo Laredo, Universidad Valle del Bravo-Valle de Mexico and the Universidad Tecnologica de Nuevo Laredo are located in Tamaulipas and provide many different degree programs from law and psychology to graphic design and nursing.


Entertainment and Tourism

Estadio Tamaulipas is a large stadium in Tampico and is home to CF Tampico and Jaiba Brava del Tampico Madero football clubs. Its capacity of over 19,000 makes it a major sports venue. Tamaulipas is filled with great places for a night out. Cities on the United States border have plenty of hotspots. Some of the most frequented bars and nightclubs include 1040 in Reynosa and La Opera and Antrock in Matamoros. With its 238 miles of coast along the Gulf of Mexico, water sports are a major entertainment and tourist attraction. Everything from sport fishing to surfing is available to those interested in spending time on the water. El Cielo Biosphere Ecological Reserve is a great spot for eco-tourism featuring four ecological systems.

Entertainment and Tourism


There are many major cities located throughout Tamaulipas with the most populous metropolitan areas being Reynosa and Matamoros, both situated along the border with the United States. Other populous areas include Nuevo Laredo (also on the Texas/Mexico border), Ciudad Victoria and Tampico.



Reynosa is both the largest and most populous city in Tamaulipas. Located along the Rio Grande, Reynosa has a steadily growing population, reaching 1.5 million in the metropolitan area.


Matamoros is growing significantly and has a robust economy with many sectors adding to its growth. There are over 120 maquiladoras with the majority of the products being exported north to the United States. Other major industries include commerce, agriculture, livestock and fishing. Tourism is beginning to grow in areas such as Costa Azul Beach.

Nuevo Laredo

Three international bridges connect Nuevo Laredo with Laredo, Texas. Over 8,500 trucks cross between the United States and Mexico here every day and 70% of all exports pass through Nuevo Laredo. ParqueViveros is situated above the Rio Grande and features a zoo, pools, walking trails and more.

Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Victoria is the fourth largest city and is the capital of Tamaulipas. Its founding dates back to 1750and its name originates from the first president of Mexico - Guadalupe Victoria.There are also several universities located in Ciudad Victoria..

Real Estate Market

The economy helps drive the real estate market in Tamaulipas. Toward the northern part of the state there are many maquiladoras, or factories owned by foreign companies. These factories provide exports mostly to the United States. The cost of living varies throughout the state of Tamaulipas. Matamoras has more expensive rental and real estate than in Reynosa but is considerably lower compared to Tampico. There are a variety of homes for sale throughout Tamaulipas; however, Mexico has a law which does not allow foreigners to purchase property that is a certain amount of distance from the border or the coast – that encompasses most of Tamaulipas. Through trusts set up through a bank, foreigners are able to purchase real estate but they are not recognized as the owners of the property, the bank is.

Home Style Average Rent Price
1-bedroom apartment in City Centre Not available
1-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre Not available
3-bedroom apartment in City Centre Not available
3-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre Not available

Source: www.numbeo.com (May 2017)



There are many major universities throughout Tamaulipas especially in Nuevo Laredo where there are a dozen higher education institutions. These include Instituto de EstudiosSuperiores de Tamaulipas in Altamira, InstitutoTecnológico de Ciudad Madero in Ciudad Madero, and Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, which is a large public university with campuses in six cities including Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros. Public and private schools in Tamaulipas and all throughout Mexico are overseen by the Secretary of Public Education, also known as SEP. Public schools are free and funded by the government. Many foreigners send their children to private or international schools where uniforms, books and other supplies must be paid for by the parents. Illiteracy rates in Tamaulipas remain below 5%.

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