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Located in the western part of Mexico, Nayarit has shores along the Pacific Ocean and includes Isla María Madra and Isla Maria Magdalena. There are approximately 1.2 million people living within the 10,756 square miles of the state. The capital of Nayarit is Tepic.

Nayarit has a major agricultural and livestock industry with some of its major crops being beans, sugar cane, corn, tobacco, peanuts, tomatoes, coffee, mangoes and bananas. The fishing industry is a big deal in Nayarit too with bass, snapper, oysters and shellfish being some of the main types of seafood. Tourism is an increasing economic industry in Nayarit with gorgeous destinations on the‘Riviera Nayarita’. Major colleges in Nayarit include InstitutoTecnológico de Tepic, Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit and Universidad Tecnólogica de Nayarit.

Culture and history play a major role in Nayarit dating back millennia. It is possible that the indigenous tribes have been in the Nayarit region since 500 AD. It was not until the 1500s when Spanish settlers began coming to this part of Mexico. Over 81% of the population considers themselves Roman Catholic, and there are several beautiful churches found throughout the state.

You’ll find hundreds of miles of rainforests, the Santa Maria Lagoon and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Nayarit.

Nayarit has a diverse climate and geography which includes mountains and volcanos, tropical plains, rainforests and miles of shoreline. Average high temperatures in Riviera Nayarita are between 80-90 degrees throughout the year. In Tepic, the capital, the climate is a little more mild with average high temperatures in the mid-70s to mid-80s. The rainiest months are July and August when half of the annual rainfall occurs.

Real estate and rentals are less expensive here than in other more developed hotspots in Mexico such as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Beautiful oceanfront property and inland real estate is easily more affordable than similar properties in the United States and Canada. There are plenty of homes, condos, apartments and developments worth discovering that are sure to match your budget and preference.

Nayarit is a major part of the agricultural Mexican economy and also has growing tourist appeal. Being right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, resorts are starting to be developed as the state markets the Riviera Nayarit as a vacation destination of choice.


Nayarit, Mexico

Nayarit, Mexico
  • Country: Mexico

  • Capital: Tepic

  • Population: 1.2 million

  • Area:

    Land: 27,857 km2


Lifestyle and Culture

There are many museums in Nayarit showcasing art, history and culture in the state and the country. Some of the most popular museum destinations are the Museo de losCuatro Pueblos and the Museo Regional de Nayarit, both in Tepic. The Aztec ruins and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral are other culturally relevant sites in Nayarit.

Cities in Nayarit host many must-see festivals and events throughout the year including Asunción de la Virgen María in Xalisco which is also known as the Corn Fair and celebrates the start of the harvest. Other great events arethe Salsa Mambo Fest, located in Riviera Nayarit, and the Day of the Marina in San Blas.

The major university in Nayarit is the Autonomous University of Nayarit. This public university has a student population of 29,000 and offers over 60 degree programs. On top of higher education, the Autonomous University of Nayarit also has a secondary education program.


Entertainment and Tourism

Coras de Tepic is a pro football club playing at the Estadio Arena. Nightlife in Nayarit is found mostly in the Riviera Nayarit region and in Tepic. Rhino Wings and La Cevichería are popular in Tepic while Gecko Bar and Grill and Bucerias Gardens in Riviera Nayarit are hotspots worth checking out. One of the unique tourist spots in Nayarit is located in Jala - the volcano in Ceboruco. It last erupted in the 1870s.

Entertainment and Tourism


Nayarit has twenty municipalities, with Tepic being the largest. San Blas is another major municipality and it encompasses some of the best beaches in Nayarit.



Tepic is located in the central part of Nayarit and is both the largest city and the capital of the state. Approximately 500,000 people call the metropolitan area of Tepic their home. Catholicism plays a major role in its citizens’ lives with over 94% of the population identifying as Catholic. Tepic is also a major agricultural center of Nayarit.

San Blas

Located on the Pacific Coast, San Blas is a major tourist destination and famous for its surfing. Agriculture and fishing are also major economic industries in San Blas. Islas Marias is also considered part of the San Blas municipality. While the population is rather small at under 9,000 residents, San Blas is still a hotspot for tourists looking for beautiful ocean-side resorts.


Located just south of Tepic, Xalisco has a population of over 40,000 and produces many major crops as part of its agriculture economy. Some of the most common products are coffee, rice, corn, avocados and fruit such as lemons, oranges and bananas. Corn is a major business and is celebrated annually as part of La Feria del Elote also known as the Corn Fair.

Ixtlándel Río

The mountainous municipality of Ixtlán del Río has an economy that takes advantage of the Nogales highway. Ixtlándel Río has a thriving service sector as well as industries such as brickwork, furniture and pottery. Located on the southeast end of Nayarit, Ixtlándel Río is home to Aztec ruins and many prehistoric archaeological sites.

Real Estate Market

Investment by the government in housing developments is taking place in Nayarit, especially in Tepic. Perhaps the most famous real estate buyer in the state was Bill Gates. Many realtors were looking for high-end clients to purchase real estate and development properties in Nayarit and there is hardly a more high-profile acquisition than the one made by Gates’s private investment firm. Everything from affordable apartments to high-end, expensive villas is coming onto the market and there are many subdivisions and developments selling out quickly.

Compared to other major cities in Mexico, Nayarit and its capital, Tepic, are quite a lot less expensive. Housing and rental options in Tepic are more than 75% lower than in Mexico City. Compared to Tijuana, Tepic is more than 50% less expensive. Slowly, developments are being built near the coastline to accommodate interest as the tourism industry grows.

The proximity to Puerto Vallarta has helped create interest in Nayarit and the marketing efforts to showcase “Riviera Nayarit” as a competitive tourist destination has drawn in vacationers, and water sports enthusiasts and snowbirds have driven interest in the area.

The median age for buyers has dropped from the 50’s to the 30-40 age range,and most of these work in the tech industry. Most real estate buyers are from Canada, United States and Mexico.

Real estate purchases must be made through a bank trust. While the property owner has full legal rights to their home, the trust, or fideicomiso, is required due to a law restricting foreigners from owning property within 30 miles of the coast.

Home Style Average Rent Price
1-bedroom apartment in City Centre Not available
1-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre Not available
3-bedroom apartment in City Centre Not available
3-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre Not available

Source: (May 2017)



Nayarit is home to many public and private universities. The Autonomous University of Nayarit is a major public university with several academic departments from tourism and economics to agriculture and fisheries. Other major institutions include the InstitutoTecnológico de Tepic, Universidad Tecnólogica de Nayarit and the Universidad Vizcaya de Las Americas.

Public schools in Nayarit and all of Mexico are free and funded by the government. Schools, both public and private, are overseen by the Secretary of Public Education. Many parents opt to send their children to private schools where uniforms and other amenities are often needed. Overall, there are approximately 210,000 students in Nayarit.

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