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Situated in the northwest part of Mexico, Ensenada is located in the state of Baja California approximately 70 miles south of the United States border. There are approximately 520,000 people living within the 23 square miles of the city making it the third largest city by population in Baja California.

Ensenada has a diverse economy with tourism being a main industry. There is a major cruise ship port in Ensenada helping to bring tourists to the city regularly. Other top industries in Ensenada include an aerospace center as well as vineyards and fishing. There are 11 higher education options in Ensenada. The colleges include the research headquarters of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a.k.a. UNAM, as well as the Institute of Astronomy, the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education and the Institute for Oceanologic Research.

Culture and history play a major role in Ensenada’s uniqueness and charm. Unlike other parts of Mexico, many of the influences are more than just Spanish. Ensenada’s culture also stems from Americans and Russians who came to take advantage of the wine industry. The Russian Community Museum is situated in the Guadalupe Valley. English menus are common sights to help cater to the tourists from the north coming off the cruise ships.

Ensenada also has a strong science influence. There is a larger concentration of scientists and science studies in Ensenada than anywhere else in Latin America. There are four main higher education institutions focusing on everything from agricultural biotechnology to oceanography.

You’ll find the Centro Estatal de las Artes, known for its artist exhibits, El Mirador, which is the highest spot in the city, as well as the Tequila Room.

Ensenada is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and considered to be in a semi-arid climate. August and September are the hottest months with highs averaging in the upper-70s. The coldest months are December through March with low temperatures in the 40s; these are also the rainiest months with Ensenada receiving 75% of its annual rainfall during this time.

Real estate and rentals are less expensive here than in most other resort areas on the Baja Peninsula. There are homes, condos, apartments and lots available to suit all budgets and for those looking to build their own homes.

Ensenada has an eclectic mix of tourists from the United States wanting to head further south than Tijuana, Mexicans looking to vacation near the water and cruise ship passengers making a stop at a large Mexican port. Four million visitors come to Ensenada annually.


Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico
  • Country: Mexico

  • State: Baja California

  • Nickname(s): "The Cinderella of the Pacific", “The City of Science”

  • Population: 520,000

  • Area:

    Urban:61 km2


Lifestyle and Culture

There are a few museums of note in Ensenada including the Museo de Historia de Ensenada and the Museo del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Wine plays a major role in Ensenada’s appeal and economy, with the city boasting over 80 wineries in the Guadalupe Valley region.

Ensenada hosts many great festivals and annual events including the Fiestas de la Vendimia, which is a Wine Harvest Festival, Carnaval, Fiesta del Tequila and Mexican Independence Day.

Ensenada is home to many colleges and universities. The sciences are big in Ensenada schools as the city is home to the largest concentration of scientists and science studies in all of Latin America. With the main concentrations in astronomy, physics, biology, geology and oceanography, it’s no wonder the city was nicknamed the “City of Science.”


Entertainment and Tourism

There are no professional sports teams in Ensenada but there are plenty of major water sports and motorsports competitions that take place within the city. Pro surfers are constantly riding the waves and the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 are major motorsport races in Ensenada.

Ensenada has a fun nightlife scene that folks of all ages will enjoy. Hussong’s Cantina is a popular spot because it is the oldest bar in Ensenada, having opened in 1892. Los Amigos and Papas & Beer are other popular joints.

Entertainment and Tourism

Districts & Neighborhoods

Ensenada has five unique areas to the city. Ranging from the beautiful stretch of beaches to the famous wine country, these are the five areas:


There are two main roads where most of the activity takes place in Ensenada. These downtown streets are filled with marvelous hotels and restaurants, shops, cantinas and more. Most tourists spend time in Downtown exploring the souvenir shops and enjoying the charming vibe.

El Malécon and the Port

This area is perhaps the center of Ensenada. Cruise ships dock in El Malécon and there are many tourist shops and activities along the seafront boulevard. With their beautiful views of the water, the seafood restaurants are frequently busy.Flag Park is a well-known destination to enjoy sunsets and watch marine life pop up from the ocean. Gray whales are seen regularly.


South Coast

This busy beach area is home to Playa Estero and Playa Hermosa which are ideal for snorkeling and diving. These beaches are known for their pristine waters and active water sports.

North Coast

The northern part of Ensenada is still underdeveloped and not nearly as busy as the spots to the south. Although there are a handful of luxury hotels, this location also has crumbling missions and lots of desolate areas.

Wine Country

The mountains, deserts and hillsides are home to a variety of vineyards and wineries. In fact, over 80 wineries are located in this region. As this area has become more well-known, there has been an increase in the number of tourists and hotels to accommodate them .

Real Estate Market

Ensenada is growing albeit much slower than other resort and tourist communities in Mexico. While not increasing as quickly as Tijuana or Cabo San Lucas, development in Ensenada is rising

Housing options are very affordable compared to other cities in Baja California such as Tijuana. Rent in Ensenada is about 25% lower than in Tijuana. Compared to Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada rental prices are more than 50% lower.

The likely buyers of new homes in Ensenada are retirees or those with the capability to work remotely. It is thought that real estate properties will double in Ensenada over the next 3-5 years .

It was not too long ago that property was a cash purchase or had to be completed through an expensive financier. Credit is improving in Mexico due to foreign investment in banks making mortgages easier to obtain.

Ensenada is putting a lot of investment into its retirement communities. The goal of the Mayor, Cesar Mancillas was to build over 10,000 retirement housing units to entice retirees both foreign and Mexican. Ensenada is also becoming an attractive place for those eager to find a vacation home near the water.

  • Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre: $810.69
  • Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre: $432.37
Home Style Average Rent Price
1-bedroom apartment in City Centre $139.17
1-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre $108.09
3-bedroom apartment in City Centre $364.81
3-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre $256.72

Source: www.numbeo.com (May 2017)



Ensenada is home to the largest concentration of scientists and science research in Latin American giving it the nickname of the City of Science. There are four main institutions providing excellent studies in astronomy, physics, biology, geology and oceanography. Some of the colleges in Ensenada include the Autonomous University of Baja California-Ensenada, the Center of Nanociences and Nanotecnology, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Public schools are free and funded by the government. Schools in Mexico are overseen by the Secretariat of Public Education, or SEP, which is involved in the development and implementation of national educational policy and school standards throughout the entire country.

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