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A Canadian, living the dream in Mexico, and helping others do the same. I am CONOCER certified to sell real estate in Mexico and have helped hundreds of people buy and sell their properties. My focus is not as much on ROI in an annual cash return sense as much as it is about being sure a Buyer is happy with their decision long after their purchase. Since we do not have an MLS here, it's imperative to work with an agent with plenty of experience and great connections, to help a Buyer find the right property, and to help a Seller get in front of the right audience.
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Yucatan Expert Real Estate Mexico
Yucatan Expert was found in 2008 as an information center for the tourists coming to Riviera Maya and offered a wide range of services : hospitality, relocation, legal advice in immigration status and real estate deals. Now Yucatan Expert offers exclusive properties along Riviera Maya, in Cancun, Tulum and Islands Holbox, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres. The Mexican Caribbean is charming and full of life, culture, history and economic growth to make it to true paradise. Quintana Roo is one of the great economic poles of Mexico. It is the serious destination to grow your money with the quality of life, 3d most requested vacation destination in the world in 2022, increase demand of vocational properties, digital nomads' homes and retirement domicile.;Currently, Playa del Carmen maintains the highest urban growth rate, with an increase of 32% in less than 10 years.;The entity contributes 2.3% of gross income to the Mexican economy. It is known luxury destination with important hotel investments and different real estate projects, Its strategic location just one hour from the Cancun airport (recognized as one the most important HUB in the world with the most international flights in Mexico) and 3 more international airports : Cozumel, Chetumal and newest edition - Tulum International Airport. ;Location, stability in the finance field, constant growth grant the investors with the security for the years to come.
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