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Ventura One Realty
I am originally from Calgary Alberta Canada and have been living in paradise (aka Cabo San Lucas) for the past 10.5 years. I am the daughter of two people who work incredibly hard. Dad is an artist and entrepreneur; mom works in oil and gas and has all the street smarts in the world. Let’s say I learned it all. ;I started to practice yoga 13 years ago and have been teaching for 10 years. I received my certification back in 2009 at Yoga Passage Calgary Alberta. I also have continuing certifications with Joga World where I learned my passion for finding strength and grace in my practice. I also love to be like a kid, so I have taken training to teach young children the simple practices of yoga in a fun way. In doing this I know I am planting seeds for their future! ;The real estate side of things… Well, my amazing husband owns a brokerage name Ventura One Master Broker where we work together. I have been sharing this piece of paradise with other folks for the past 5 years and continuing. I love working with people and impacting people’s lives in a good way. So, this is a perfect choice of “work” if I should even call it that. Certainly, doesn’t feel like work.;As far as philanthropy goes… As beautiful as Cabo is, just like anywhere else in the world there are families in need! So, I do what I can to touch the lives of others to bring light into their lives. Keep a look out for up-and-coming events to raise awareness! ;If I haven’t shared enough, please feel free to get in contact with me to know a little more.
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