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Whenever you search for homes for sale you will be sent to a page similar to the one below. The page is set by default to display your results in map view. Please remember that the map displays 50 results at a time.

Whenever there are too many properties on the map to be displayed, you will see a blue circle with a number inside it. The number shows how many properties are clustered in that area. When you click on the circle, the map will automatically update to a zoom level where you can see the desired properties.

Click on any of the listings on the map and you will see a mini-report of that property. To see more details of a listing, click on “View Details” on the mini-report or simply click on a listing.

Below the listing details you will find a section named Area Information. There you can find information regarding recent sales of nearby properties, a <b>parcel map </b>displaying property and real estate data (Schools, Parking, Heat Map etc.), demographics information and a property price estimate.

List View

Select List View to see more details of the properties.

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