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Look for a Home

To start your home search, select either the “Find a Home for Sale” or the “Find a Property for Rent” option. Then, in the Location box, type in the desired region. You can choose the type of home or other criteria on the page as well, like home price and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.


Find Homes for Sale

After choosing the „Find a Home for Sale” option and selecting the search criteria you want, hit the "Search" button. You will be prompted with a list of properties matching your criteria.

You can then choose to see homes for sale.

Search for homes for sale by location, address or Listing ID.

Find Homes for Rent

Choose the “Find a Property for Rent” option, select the search criteria you want, and then click the “Search” button. A number of listing results will be displayed.

Search for homes for rent by location or address.

Narrow Your Searches

Going further, you'll be able to add more filters on your listings like sqft, year built, listing date and agent name.

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