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Single Family Homes for Sale in Laurentian West, ON

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Single-Family home?

A Single-Family home is a residential building on a parcel of private land with one sole owner. It comes with private entrances and exits and offers full street access.

Why is it called a Single-Family home?

A Single-Family dwelling is a unit that accommodates only one household.

What is an example of a Single-Family home?

There are different types of Single-Family homes: fully detached, semi-detached or row house (townhouse). While a fully detached house is freestanding, a semi-detached dwelling is connected to another unit through an adjoining wall. Meanwhile, a townhouse is part of a row of properties and is attached to bordering units on one or both sides. Although semi-detached and row houses are not standalone, they are fully separated — there is no internal access to adjacent properties and they have independent utilities, including heating, electricity and water.

What is the difference between a Single-Family and a detached or a regular home?

A detached residence — or a regular home, as it is often referred to — is an independent residential structure or a standalone home. So, by definition, it’s a Single-Family property.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Single-Family home?

Residing in a single detached dwelling comes with a host of benefits, including lots of privacy and plenty of space inside and out (front and backyards included), as well as the freedom to build or modify the structure as you see fit. However, there are drawbacks, including higher price tags with higher down payments and closing costs. Additionally, regular maintenance and repair fall entirely under the owner’s responsibility (unless the single detached home is part of an HOA community).

How many Single-Family homes for sale are available in Laurentian West, Kitchener, ON?

On Point2, you’ll find 24 Single-Family homes for sale in Laurentian West, Kitchener, ON.

How much do Single-Family homes for sale in Laurentian West, Kitchener, ON cost?

Single-Family homes for sale in Laurentian West, Kitchener, ON have prices ranging from $689,000 to $1,299,900.
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