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Oshawa is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, near the communities of Whitby, Ajax, and Clarington in the southern portion of the province. The city’s population of over 149,000 resides within the area of more than 145 square kilometres. Oshawa has few large bodies of water within its boundaries, but has a number of creeks, including the large Oshawa Creek. The city historically was considered a blue collar, working-class town, but has grown to be more diverse and economically desirable. With plenty to see and do, and easy access to public transportation, residents can enjoy the city’s many benefits while also taking advantage of its proximity to larger urban centres.

Oshawa, ON

Oshawa, ON
real estate market

Real Estate Market Overview

Oshawa’s housing affordability is in the mid-range, with average prices ranging from $300,000 to $600,000. Oshawa’s northern section includes predominantly large, higher priced, newer single-family homes, while the city’s central section features a mix of newer and older single-family homes and some commercial retail space. Most single-family homes are on large lots and some include at least a single garage. Condo options are also available in the central section (near downtown).Homes in the southern section tend to be older but more affordable, and the area has some vacant infill lots.

Rental Market

The vacancy rate in Oshawa has not changed much over the past several years, and tends to sit at or below 2%. The southern and central portions of Oshawa tend to have higher vacancy rates than the northern section does. Average rent costs in the city range from $700 (southern/central) to $800 (northern) for a bachelor apartment, $850 (southern/central) to $950 (northern) for a one-bedroom apartment, $980 (southern/central) to $1,100 (northern) for a two-bedroom apartment, and $1,200 (southern/central) to $1,300 (northern) for a three-bedroom (or more) apartment. Rent costs in the northern portion of the city have not changed significantly within the past couple of years, but have increased slightly in the southern and central sections within the same timeframe.

real estate market


Oshawa’s unemployment rate tends to hover around 6%, which is on a par with the national rate. The city’s main industries are advanced manufacturing, information technology, health and biosciences, energy generation, and transportation and logistics. General Motors Canada has its headquarters in Oshawa and employs thousands of residents in its manufacturing and administrative departments. Other large companies operating in the city include Fresh Del Monte Produce, Kerr Industries, Ontario Power Generation, Enbridge Inc., Lakeridge Health Oshawa, and Praxair. While many residents commute to larger communities such as Toronto and Mississauga for employment, Oshawa’s growing economy is starting to provide more work opportunities locally.


Durham Region Transit provides bus services within Oshawa and from the city to surrounding communities such as Pickering, Clarington, Whitby, and Ajax. There are around a dozen routes providing access to various areas of Oshawa, and two large terminals that also serve as hubs for other transportation options. GO Transit provides bus and train connections to Toronto.Residents can also travel via Greyhound (long-distance bus) and VIA Rail (train).



Much like its neighbouring communities, Oshawa has four school boards that operate primary and secondary schools in the city. These boards include Durham District School Board, Durham Catholic District School Board, the Conseil scolaire Viamonde, and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud. Oshawa schools include Beau Valley Public School, Waverly Public School, Maxwell Heights Secondary School, Coronation Public School, Sir Albert Love Catholic School, St. Hedwig Catholic School, and Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School. Private school options are also available to residents. Post-secondary institutions in the city include Durham College (offering courses in accounting, healthcare, advertising, trades, technology, law, and hospitality), the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (with programs in health sciences, education, business, engineering, and social sciences), and Trent University Durham (providing programs in law, psychology, business, media, education, and history).

Family Life

The Canadian Automotive Museum houses a collection of Canadian cars ranging from 1905 to 1983. Displays provide information and examples of car manufacturing and ownership throughout Canada’s automobile history. The museum also has collections of vehicles from America, Britain, and European countries. Guided tours and group tours are available, and special exhibits and events change throughout the year. The McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve is 41 hectares of land on the north shore of Lake Ontario that is owned by General Motors of Canada Limited and that features hundreds of species of plants, birds, mammals, and fish. The park includes walking trails and viewing platforms for birdwatchers and photographers, is open year-round, and is free to visit.


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