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Real estate roundup: Longueuil, QC housing market overview

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Longueuil is a city in the province of Quebec located on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

It is the second largest suburb within the greater city of Montreal with 231,000 people and a land area of around 120 square kilometres.

The interesting thing about Longueuil is how it simultaneously contains industrial and suburban areas. With over 350 years of rich history, it has much to offer to its inhabitants.

One of the interesting things about Longueuil is that a large portion of its labour force commutes all the way to Montreal in order to get to work. In spite of that, Longueuil manages to do its fair share.

The aerospace industry is a large contributor to the well-being of the city and is the largest employer in Longueuil.

Other industries that play a big part in helping Longueuil achieve economic growth include transportation, agriculture, and life sciences.

Another interesting economic bit of data is that Longueuil has become a welcoming city for businesses to open shop in. With over 65,000 square meters of open office space currently available, there is going to be considerable competition amongst businesses and corporations looking to expand their operations in Quebec even further.


Longueuil, Quebec

Longueuil, Quebec
  • Country: Canada

  • Province: Quebec

  • Nickname(s): -

  • Population: 231,409 

  • Area:

    City: 122.90 km2 

    Land: 115.59 km2 

Entertainment and Tourism

For the shoppers that can’t get enough of their credit cards, check out the 300+ stores that are hosted in Quartier DIX300. You will have access to some of the big-brand names and great food options in one location. Would you rather do something that’s outdoors? There are over 1,000 kilometres in cycling pathways that are available for bike enthusiasts to cover. Some of these trails even take up to four days in order to complete, providing the ultimate challenge for expert riders!

If you like the outdoors but prefer something a little more relaxing, there are several national parks that are openly available to the public. Visitors can choose to walk along the many trails, or rent out a kayak and go exploring along the St. Lawrence River. When you want to cool off, check out some of the historic sites and museums that tell you everything you need to know about the city’s history. There are several churches and First nation sites that provide tourists with fun trivia and information about the religious and cultural development of Longueuil and the province of Quebec over the past 3 centuries.

Entertainment and Tourism


Longueuil consists of 3 separate boroughs: Greenfield Park, Le Vieux-Longueuil, and Saint-Hubert. Each of these boroughs consists of several smaller neighbourhoods.

Greenfield Park

Greenfield Park is the only borough that stands on its own – it has no further subdivisions into smaller neighbourhoods. It is also the only borough that is officially recognised as bilingual. The main amenities featured in this borough include shopping malls, churches of various religious denominations, and several local parks. Some of these parks host various baseball and football tournaments. Greenfield Park is far removed from the busier parts of the city, which makes this borough ideal for those who prefer a quiet neighbourhood to live in.


Le Vieux-Longueuil

Le Vieux-Longueuil comprises of neighbourhoods such as Des Explorateurs, De Coteau-Rouge, and De Saint-Charles. It is the largest borough out of the 3 mentioned in terms of land area occupied and population density. There are several restaurants to choose from that range from exquisite fine dining to more casual places. Medical clinics and performing arts centres are among many of the amenities available to residents of this borough.


Saint-Hubert only has 5 neighbourhoods: De Lafleche, Du Vieux-Saint-Hubert-de-la-Savane, Du parc de la Cite, D’Iberville, and Des Maraichers. This borough is highly concentrated with respect to major enterprises in the commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors. In fact, the Canadian Space Agency’s headquarters are located in Saint-Hubert. Amenities of interest to residents include spa resorts, golf clubs, sports complexes, and local parks. Residents in this area who happen to work in one of the city’s major enterprises have the added convenience of a short commute to and from work.

Real Estate Market

Greenfield Park is home to significant suburban development, being comprised of mostly detached residential houses that are best suited for single families or individuals with a modest budget for purchasing a home. There are also a couple of low-rise condos that are available within the area, but there is a lot of competition amongst homebuyers to buy these condominiums.

Le Vieux-Longueuil is home to some of the largest and most expensive properties in the city. You can expect to find several mansions that have been completely furnished on the interior and exterior to match a modern design. Multi-car parking garages, recreation rooms, outdoor pools, and more can be expected in these homes. There are also some fully detached residential properties along with some condominiums and some apartments available for rent.

Saint-Hubert can be considered a mix of the previous two boroughs in regards to the homes that are available. One of the most attractive aspects of this borough is the fact that there is a property available for any family and virtually any budget size. Likewise, there is also a mix of traditionally designed homes and homes with a modern look to them.

  • Average Home Price: $318,450
  • Average Rent Price: $733.33 
  • Average Condo Price: $235,000
  • Average Detached Home Price: $499,000
Home Style Average Price
2 storey Not available
Bungalow Not available
Condo $235,000

The following table, based on data taken from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA’s) National MLS® Report for April 2016 (the latest information available), demonstrates how homes in LSTAR’s jurisdiction continue to maintain their affordability compared to other major Quebec and Canadian centres.



The Universite de Sherbrooke and Universite de Montreal have campuses situated in Longueuil. There is also a CEGEP and two technical colleges located within the city. That is the extent of post-secondary education available in Longueuil, as it is rather common for students to pursue post-secondary education outside of the city.

Longueuil is home to 42 francophone elementary schools (K-8) under the “Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin” (CSMV) school board and 5 anglophone elementary schools under the Riverside School Board. Some of these schools provide stellar bilingual education for those wishing to learn English and French at the same time. Many students have argued that their education has left them well-prepared for the rigours of secondary education.

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