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How many homes for sale are available in Britannia, Ottawa, ON?

On Point2, there are 28 homes for sale in Britannia, Ottawa, ON to choose from. You can browse through multiple property types, from single-family homes for sale to townhouses, condos and even commercial real estate in Britannia, Ottawa, ON.

How much do houses in Britannia, Ottawa, ON cost?

Homes for sale in Britannia, Ottawa, ON vary with prices ranging from $299,900 to $1,100,000.

How do I search for homes for sale in Britannia, Ottawa, ON?

With Point2, you can sort the homes for sale in Britannia, Ottawa, ON based on multiple criteria, such as price, property type, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size or the year it was built. You can also narrow your search by using specific keywords, as well as filter properties based on recent price drops. Then, save your search and receive daily or weekly emails with listings matching your preferences.

What type of information can I find on Point2?

Point2 offers an abundance of information about Britannia, Ottawa, ON real estate, including property descriptions and photos, as well as demographic stats. In addition, you’ll find a more detailed overview of the local market at the bottom of the search result page.


Located along the beautiful Ottawa River, Britannia is surrounded by stunning parks and hosts one of the best beaches in the Ottawa, Ontario. area. If raising your family in a relaxing neighbourhood with all the amenities of the city at your fingertips sounds appealing to you, then you will love Britannia.

This community has a rich and impressive history dating back to 1818, when Britannia was part of the large estate owned by Captain John LeBreton. In 1887, the famous Britannia Yacht Club was formed and began producing Olympic athletes and world champions. Over the years, the Club House has preserved its historic image and has become the symbol of the Britannia area. Whether you are looking to settle down and start a family or you would like to get back to nature without leaving the city, Britannia has something for everyone.

Just west of downtown Ottawa is a community known for its protected parks and stunning beach. The neighbourhood of Britannia offers its residents a relaxing and peaceful environment. It is a community that prides itself on being environmentally and family friendly. You can easily feel the peaceful energy as you walk along the trails in Britannia Park or when enjoying the warm sand at Britannia Beach.

Britannia is also a community driven neighbourhood. Around here, you will have every opportunity to have a BBQ with your neighbours or maybe even a block party or two. You will get the small town vibe, but still have all the entertainment and restaurants that you have come to love from city life.


Britannia, Ottawa

Britannia Real Estate

Entertainment, Restaurants, Cafes

If you love the outdoors then you are going to adore Britannia. For starters, you are close to the Ottawa River and the many biking and walking trails that will take you directly to Parliament Hill. As well, Britannia Park is a large conservation area that you absolutely need to explore. It is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and remove the stress out of your life.

Now if you are planning on being outdoors but feel like lazing around, then you will want to hit up Britannia Beach. This is considered one of the best beaches in Ottawa and it is right in your backyard. Bring the football, frisbee and a nice picnic lunch because you will never want to leave this stunning, sandy beach. If this all sounds a little too relaxing for you, don’t worry. Richmond Road and Carling Avenue run right through Britannia so you have plenty of options for shopping and hitting up the perfect restaurant. Speaking of restaurants, if you are looking for some amazing Vietnamese food then you need to check out Pho Thanglong. There is also a couple of amazing Indian food restaurants including Little India Café and Dosa Mahal, which are excellent choices when you are craving a little spice in your life.

You can’t talk about the sights and sounds of Britannia without the mention of two historical buildings. The first is the Britannia Yacht Club which contains century old architecture and is a must see for anyone living in the Ottawa area. The other must see building is the large 1967 Expo style dome, which covers a youth skating rink. This dome is listed as one of the 500 architecturally significant buildings in Canada. The best time to check out this amazing building is during the annual Jazz Festival. There is just something about listening to stunning jazz music inside of this incredible, historic dome. It is an event that you will be marking on your calendar year after year. Whether you are looking to hit the beach, go for a walk or enjoy a late night dinner, you will find everything you could possibly desire in Britannia.

Entertainment and Tourism

Real Estate

Britannia was originally a cottage community back in the early 1800’s and that history still presides in many of the home styles you will find throughout the neighbourhood. Over time these cottages have been renovated into stunning bungalows along the Ottawa River. The attention to detail and history of these homes will amaze you. Besides the converted cottages, you will find numerous single detached homes close to the river and bike paths. These homes are modern and absolutely perfect for raising your family. Similarly, the area also boasts numerous town homes, triplexes and duplexes all within walking distances to the river and the amenities of Richmond Road and Carling Avenue. Although the Britannia neighbourhood is composed mainly of family residences, you will find some condominiums and apartments for rent as you move along Richmond Road and Carling Avenue, the two main streets in the neighbourhood. If you are looking for the perfect house in which to raise your family, then you won’t have a tough time finding it in Britannia.


Pollution/ Noise

The conserved nature park, Britannia Park, is one of the highlights of this area which provides plenty of access to forests, rivers and hillsides. As a result of this large preserved park, the Britannia neighbourhood may be one of the most eco-friendly communities in Ottawa. Given the focus on environmental protection, the pollution level in this neighbourhood is minimal. With that said, if you are living along Carling Avenue, you may experience some noise pollution during the day as it is a fairly busy road. This community is known for its serenity and peacefulness and that is exactly what you can expect when you live in Britannia.

Crime Rate

The crime rate in the Britannia area is well below the Ottawa average and has actually been on the decline over the last 3 years. In fact, in 2013 the crime rate in this area dropped by approximately 9% (source). There is a strong sense of community in the Britannia area, so the low crime rate shouldn’t come as a surprise. Members of the community have been working closely with the city to raise awareness and provide support for the one problem area in the neighbourhood, Ritchie Street. They have made a lot of progress in improving this area of the community, so undoubtedly these crime rate statistics will continue to decline over the coming years. All in all, you will always feel safe when walking around the Britannia neighbourhood. It is an ideal location to raise a family and enjoy the very best that Ottawa has to offer.



Whether a teenager is testing your patience or you are still enjoying the funny moments of a toddler, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of quality schooling options for your children. At the elementary school level, you have the amazing Regina Street Public School, which much like the neighbourhood of Britannia, is known as the small school with the big heart. You can breathe easily knowing that your children will be well taken care of at this wonderful public school. If you would prefer to send your child to a Catholic elementary school, then Dr. F.J. McDonald Catholic School is an excellent choice. At this school, you can ensure your children will obtain the necessary skills and values to succeed as they go through life. As an added bonus, they also offer full-day kindergarten classes so your child can get an early start on education. As a resident of Britannia, your child will have the opportunity to attend the innovative and exciting Woodroffe High School. This is a school that values diversity, nurtures positive character traits and encourages academic success, so you know your child will have the very best high school experience.

Public Transportation

Getting around Ottawa is a breeze when living in Britannia. You have easy access to both Richmond Road and Carling Avenue. As such, you have plenty of public transportation options at your doorstep. A few of the more popular routes include the 85, 116 and the 182, which all access the Britannia area and will open up the entire city of Ottawa for you.


Family Life

Britannia is known for its parks, beaches and bike paths. When you add in large homes and great schools, you have the ideal place to raise a family. There is a community atmosphere in Britannia that provides the small town feeling, yet you have access to all of the major amenities in a city. It is the perfect balance between nature and city life. Your kids will absolutely love skating in the large dome or building sand castles at Britannia beach. This is a great community to watch your family grow. It is amazing to think that just minutes west of the Ottawa core, you can find the peacefulness and serenity that Britannia offers. The relaxing atmosphere makes this a perfect community to unwind from the stresses of life. Similarly, its proximity to major attractions means you don’t have to forego the city life to achieve a stress-free environment. One visit to Britannia and you will be hooked for life.


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