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Halifax is a Canadian city that is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. Even with a population of approximately 414,000 people and a land size of 5,500 square kilometers, Halifax has demonstrated itself to be a very friendly city for small and large businesses.

Many magazines and ranking organizations place Halifax in their Top 5 lists for cities with the best quality of life and cities that show the most future potential for development and expansion.

Halifax is considered by many to be one of the major economic powerhouses in the eastern coast of Canada.

There is a healthy balance of contribution to the economy’s development by the fishing, private sector companies, agriculture, government, banking, and health care sectors.

Projections made by economists all point towards continual growth for at least the next decade, and unemployment continues to stay well below the unemployment averages of Nova Scotia and all of Canada.

This coincides with the strong GDP growth that is also predicted for Halifax.

Because of all these developments, Halifax ends up attracting entrepreneurs and university graduates looking to establish their careers in a place that is conducive towards their chosen path.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Country: Canada

  • Province: Nova Scotia

  • Nickname(s): "Hali"

  • Population: 390,096 km2

  • Area:

    Land: 5,490.18 km2

    Urban: 262.65 km2

Entertainment and Tourism

Halifax is known by its local residents for being ripe in history. Halifax is home to some of the major events that have shaped Canadian history. For example, Pier 21 is a museum dedicated to the mass immigration of foreigners to Canada during the early 20th century. Artifacts, details about the ships used to bring them here, living conditions, and many more are presented to visitors. There are many other museums available that cover topics such as the 1917 Halifax Explosion, the development of Canada’s provincial legislature in the 1700s, and how the city became an internationally-recognized shipyard.

When you aren't busy hearing about Halifax's not-so-recent past, you can walk around in the many parks that are publicly available to tourists and residents. During the summertime, some of the parks are planted with beautiful beds of roses and flowers that are maintained for the entire season. If you are looking for a good drink, stop by Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour. You will get a glimpse of how the pale ale came to be, and a chance to sample two mugs of beer at the very end of the tour!

Entertainment and Tourism


Halifax is consisted of 5 major communities: Halifax Peninsula, Mainland Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford-Sackville, and the Halifax County.

The Halifax Peninsula

The Halifax Peninsula contains the downtown area of Halifax along with other neighbourhoods that include Richmond and Spring Garden. These are where all the large businesses are located, along with the hosting site for many annual festivals and events. This is the place where everyone tries to be for the weekend so that they can get in on all the fun that’s going on!


Mainland Halifax

Mainland Halifax includes neighbourhoods such as (but not only) Armdale, Spryfield, Fairmount, and Clayton Park. It is in the middle compared to the other communities with respect to population density and number of available homes. With that being said, many of the residents prefer to partake in hikes across its many trails and walks in some of the local parks.


Dartmouth is home to the communities of Burnside, Portland Hills, Woodside, and Port Wallace. It is often referred to as the "City of Lakes" because of the abundant number of lakes that surround it. You can expect to see a lot of tourism and services here in relation to the shipboat industry. Boat tours, history, and even a few small shops on the docks that sell food and unique souvenirs.

The Bedford-Sackville

The Bedford-Sackville region is composed of 13 neighbourhoods, including Fall River, Windsor Junction, and Birch Cove. Most of the activities and amenities that you can find here are indoors. This includes wellness centers, gyms with fully equipped tennis courts, and indoor playgrounds for younger children.

The Halifax Country

The Halifax Country is easily the most rural out of all the major communities mentioned, featuring many smaller communities that include Newcomb Corner, Cow Bay, Clam Harbour, Mineville, and many more. Many people like this district for its open pastures and access to outdoor activities that include cycling, hiking, golfing, and swimming in some of the smaller lakes.

Halifax Home Prices

The average price for a home in the Halifax-Dartmouth area is $286,026. The Halifax-Dartmouth area average home value has gone up 1.2% compared to same period last year. This information is based on data taken from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA’s) National MLS® market report for October, 2017.

Halifax Home Prices


Although there are several post-secondary universities and colleges available for high school graduates to choose from, most of them end up going to Halifax to attend Dalhousie University. It is extremely research-oriented and caters towards those who are headed into the medicine, law, business, and scientific research sectors. Many people consider Dalhousie to be one of the most well-rounded schools in the country with respect to its balance. In other words, it is one of the few schools that can provide premium-quality education across a wide variety of disciplines. No one area outshines the other!

Elementary schools (K-8) are in wide abundance, with well over 80 of them in existence. Amongst some of the best-known schools for their overall excellence and superb teaching include Elizabeth Sutherland School, Ecole St. Catherine’s Elementary, and Halifax Independent School. These rankings include provincial testing, feedback from the students and parents, along with performance of the children once they transition towards a high school level of education.

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