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Had we been able to interview the city of Saint John, you would’ve been glued to your screens by a long and dramatic story as entertaining as any blockbuster. But in spite of its unique personality, this rapidly growing city has not yet developed the skill of speech. Here’s one version of its story. Hopefully it will make you fall in love with its spectacular history and surroundings, and move to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Europeans discovered the Saint John river on St. John the Baptist’s Day in 1604. The river mouth opening up into the Bay of Fundy was a highly contested area, witness to many skirmishes, sieges and full-fledged wars throughout the centuries. The settlement that has since grown into the second largest city in New Brunswick is built upon the ruins of many forts, and Saint John now stands as a symbol of history slowly growing kinder and more reasonable. The 21st Century Saint John is quickly becoming the premiere high-tech community in New Brunswick and it is growing with each passing year. Until recently it was safe to say that Saint John is a city shaped thoroughly by the sea. As the only city on the Bay of Fundy, its industry had everything to do with building ships, trade and sea-fairing activities.

However, in recent years Saint John has reinvented itself as a thriving hub for high-tech start-ups, due to government programs which incentivize this type of activity. In fact, 2011’s “Venture Capital Deal of the Year” as selected by Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association happened here, when startup Radian6 Technologies was acquired by


Saint John, Bay of Fundy

Saint John Real Estate

Entertainment, Restaurants, Cafes

The Bay of Fundy is one of the world’s most rugged and spectacular natural coastlines, with dramatic vistas underpinned by a relatively mild climate. Culturally, Saint John resembles Boston and New York due to its historically large Irish population. With a population of just over 125,000 residents, the number of socializing spots in Saint John is truly remarkable and it speaks volumes about the friendliness and community spirit animating this city. Saint John boasts a long history of breweries and craft beer, and has a reputation as a creative hub and haven to many artists and forms of expression. One of the best examples of this is the annual Buskers on the Bay street performance festival, one of the oldest in Canada. Each July, Saint John spends one week overtaken by some of the best street performers in the world, gathered for an artistic extravaganza unique to this charming city.

Entertainment and Tourism

Real Estate

The oldest incorporated city in Canada wears its history on its architectural sleeve in the city center, but most homes for sale are single family detached homes, followed by multi-family properties.

The real estate market in Saint John is more reflective of the low oil prices right now, which have negatively impacted the traditional branch of the town’s economy. It hasn’t yet reacted to the steady influx of young IT professionals. This puts Saint John in an unusual position as an emerging tech hub, a position which may very well prove advantageous for those enterprising enough to make the most of it.



In the five years since then, Saint John has grown substantially on this front, attracting IT professionals from all over Canada and the rest of the world. There are a few crucial reasons for this boom, besides the aforementioned government ideas. On the one hand, there’s affordable real estate and work force, after a decade-long decline in traditional industries. Millennials are taking over, with fresh perspectives in terms of industry and housing. The second reason is the remarkable concentration of good universities in the area, leading to a critical mass of talent just waiting to be put to work. Mount Allison and University of New Brunswick are just two that are easily in the top 25%. The third, perhaps unexpected reason for the town picking itself up by the bootstraps is the lack of big companies in the area hiring IT professionals. Passionate and competent youth have been reluctant to leave the Bay of Fundy, and have decided to start their own startups instead, with great success.


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