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Real estate roundup: Fredericton, NB housing market overview

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Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, is situated in the west of the Canadian province with a population of around 56,000. Fredericton is positioned along the Saint John River, which intersects the city and is one of the area’s main features, and the city covers an area of 130 sq. kilometres. Fredericton is home to two universities, as well as a number of other educational and arts institutes.

Its bilingual workforce has helped to establish a strong economy that’s largely tied to the public sector, and its commercial and IT industries are also growing at a rapid rate.

Due to its strong educational presence, the city is very well educated and has the highest percentage of residents with post-secondary qualifications in the province.

Fredericton is considered an Anglophone city, however around 23% of the population are both English and French speaking.

Much of the city’s development has occurred on the hills either side of the Saint John River and in low-lying areas.

Fredericton has a humid continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. Snowfall is common in the winter months and temperatures average around -16°C, while summertime sees temperatures of around 26°C.

Flooding is also common in the spring in the areas around the river. Evidence suggests that Fredericton was first inhabited as far back as 12,000 years ago.

The first European settlers arrived in the late 17th century, and much of the architecture in the city was influenced by its American neighbours and the British.

Fredericton became a British military headquarters in the late 1700s, and gradually evolved into a cultural and educational hub.

The city was largely Christian, and adopted a prestigious and aristocratic flavour which contrasted with neighbouring Saint John, which was a commercial area consisting predominately of tradesmen and labour industries. Industrial sectors such as lumber mills were established in the 1800s, and communities were built along with a railway and church to support the growing population.


Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Country: Canada

  • Province: New Brunswick

  • Nickname(s): "The Celestial City"

  • Population: 56,224

  • Area:

    City: 130.68 km2

    Metro: 4,521.72 km2

Lifestyle and Culture

Although a fairly small city, Fredericton has a very cosmopolitan vibe and promotes diversity and multiculturalism among its residence. Arts and culture are very celebrated in Fredericton, and the Universities and art institutions play a huge role in the development of the city’s culture. The city is a cultural centre and is home to numerous arts venues, including The Playhouse, Fredericton Regional Museum, and Beaverbrook Art Gallery. It also hosts the yearly week-long Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival which attracts fans and artists from around the world. The New Brunswick Summer Music Festival occurs in August, and the Symphony New Brunswick performs year-round. The population is predominantly white and Christianity is the largest religion, specifically the Protestant domination. The city has a number of places of worship, including churches, a synagogue, a mosque, and a Hindu temple. Outdoor recreational activities are popular in Fredericton and the city has a network of 25 trails that span an area of 85km around the Nashwaak and Saint John Rivers. Many of the city’s parks feature preserved forest land, and the Fredericton Botanical Garden, Odell Park, and Reading Park are all popular attractions. Other attractions include Wilmot Park, a recreational park with sports courts, and a wading pool, Killarney Park, and The Green. The area doesn’t have any professional sports teams, however the universities have extensive sports programs.

Lifestyle and Culture


Fredericton’s elm tree-lined streets have earned the city its nickname of “The City of Stately Elms”. The city is divided by the Saint John River, which creates two primary areas: Northside, and Southside.



Fredericton’s Northside consists of a number of communities along with retail outlets and businesses. Northside is also home to Brookside Mall, as well as Saint Mary’s First Nation Indian Reserve, which has some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations in the city. Barker’s Point is a lovely area located east of the Saint John River, and is home to Hyla Park Nature Reserve. Situated on the Nashwaak River, Marysville is a suburban area with characterful homes and an identity that’s distinct from the rest of the city.


Southside is occupied by the Downtown core, the University campuses, and Odell Park, a large forested area with a network of trails that are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Fredericton’s Downtown area consists of provincial government buildings, attractions, historical buildings, and residential homes. Part of the area sits on a sloping hill, and the neighbourhood features a mix of nineteenth-century houses, converted heritage buildings, and newly-built condos. Situated close to the University Campus, The Hill, also known as College Hill, is home to many apartment complexes and converted houses, as well as student accommodation. South of this area is a large shopping district with Regent Mall, Uptown Centre, and restaurants. East of the University area is Skyline Acres / Southwood Park, which consists of older, suburban neighbourhoods, as well as newer, more prestigious areas such as Poets Hill.

Real Estate Market

Fredericton’s real estate market is supported by migration trends towards the city which upholds the detached property market. Many apartment complexes and flats are currently under construction to meet the population increase and housing demand.

Average housing prices in the city have risen in the last few years, and the median house price in Fredericton is $189,000.

The large student population has contributed to greater demand for rental properties, as well as immigrants in the area. Student accommodation and apartments have been constructed in recent years to cater for this higher demand, but Fredericton is still a great place to invest in rental properties. Rental rates here are also the highest in the province.

The city is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, and bus transit services operate across the city. Cycling is encouraged and the city has invested in bikes lanes and bike racks, but the area isn’t serviced by any rail links.

  • Average Home Price: $189,239
  • Average Rent Price: $731.25 
  • Average Condo Price: $159,000
  • Average Detached Home Price: $219,900
Home Style Average Price
2 storey $267,618
Bungalow $210,630
Condo $159,000

The following table, based on data taken from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA’s) National MLS® Report for April 2016 (the latest information available), demonstrates how homes in LSTAR’s jurisdiction continue to maintain their affordability compared to other major Ontario and Canadian centers.



Fredericton’s public schools are located in the Anglophone West District and the District Scolaire Francophone Sud. The city has 3 public high schools, two of which operate in English, one operates in French. Fredericton High School is one of Canada’s oldest schools and has a number of sports teams, including soccer, football, basketball, and hockey. The city also has École Sainte-Anne, a school for grades 6-12 that provides French language education. Fredericton’s Universities have played a huge role in the cultural, educational, and artistic development of the city. Home to the University of New Brunswick - the oldest public university in North America - St. Thomas University, and several other institutions and colleges, Fredericton has established a strong reputation as an education centre.

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