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The Winnipeg, Manitoba region Peguis-Kildonan Crossing – the area including the Kildonan Crossing neighbourhood plus the streets east of that to Peguis Street – is experiencing a real estate boom. Ongoing infill development in the area has expanded residential options, including single-family homes and multi-family dwellings, while new retail space is being planned to serve the area’s growing population. The neighbourhood used to look more rural, with large lots, aspen forests, and open grasslands, but new houses and buildings are modernizing the community and bringing in new residents.

Peguis-Kildonan Crossing is located in northeast Winnipeg, and spans from Panet Road in the west to Peguis Street to the east, and from Concordia Avenue E in the north to Regent Avenue W in the south. The area is surrounded by amenities and provides access to major roadways, including routes to the Perimeter Highway and Chief Peguis Trail.

The neighbourhood is going through a period of significant change, which will result in a larger population, additional amenities, and possibly even a new school once the infill development has been completed. Retention ponds and small greenspaces/playgrounds are being added within the new developments, sidewalks are appearing where once there were none, and roadways are being expanded to help with the increase in traffic.


Peguis-Kildonan Crossing, Winnipeg

Peguis-Kildonan Crossing Real Estate

Entertainment, Restaurants, Cafes

Peguis-Kildonan Crossing is a hub of retail options. Kildonan Place is a shopping mall located in the neighbourhood that offers a number of clothing, accessory, home décor, and beauty retailers, as well as services such as dental care, optometry, and insurance. The mall is also home to the Famous Players Kildonan Place Cinemas, featuring six screens and three 3D screens. A number of big box retailers and strip malls can be found within and around the neighbourhood, with stores selling hardware items, pet supplies, groceries, and home goods.

The neighbourhood is close to two gyms (one co-ed and one women-only), with both offering fitness classes with memberships, as well as a yoga studio right in the community, offering hot yoga classes throughout the day. Nightlife options include the Club Regent Casino and Event Centre, which provides a wide variety of gaming and lottery opportunities, dining, and entertainment in the form of live performances and events; and the Canad Inns Destination Centre Transcona, farther east of the neighbourhood, which offers a conference centre and Nashville’s (a venue offering live music and events).

The Peguis-Kildonan Crossing area provides access to many chain restaurants, but a few local options include The Burger Factory, a straightforward burger joint with hearty options located in a strip mall; The Royal Fork Buffet, offering a wide assortment of Canadian and Asian cuisine (buffet-style, of course) in a sunny space; Sato Asoyama Sushi and Korean, with fresh Japanese and Korean dishes served in a modern venue with touches of traditional décor; Cathay House, a buffet restaurant with Canadian and Chinese options in a cozy setting; and State & Main, located in Kildonan Place, and providing fun, casual dining in a sleek, modern atmosphere.

Entertainment and Tourism

Real Estate

Peguis-Kildonan Crossing is a mix of newer and older single-family homes and apartment buildings. According to City of Winnipeg census information, the average price for single-detached homes in the area is higher than the average price for single-detached homes in Winnipeg. Older homes in the area tend to have larger, rural-style lots, while newer builds have standard-sized lots.

The population of Peguis-Kildonan Crossing is 480, although the area’s population is growing quickly due to a number of new developments going up in the community. Families make up 15% of the population here, 44% are couples, and 41% are single. The majority of housing is single-detached homes, with a mix of houses built before 1980 and after 2001. There are also a number of multi-family options being built in the area’s newer infill developments. The average annual income is $56,221, which is slightly below the average annual income in the city as a whole, and 42% of residents are university or college educated.


Pollution/ Noise

There are no pollution problems in Peguis-Kildonan Crossing, but homes closer to the major roadways surrounding the neighbourhood (Panet Road, Concordia Avenue, Regent Avenue, and Peguis Street) have traffic noise throughout most of the day. Traffic in the area can be congested on weekends and during the Christmas shopping rush.

Crime Rate

The crime rate in Peguis-Kildonan Crossing makes up less than 1% of the city’s overall crime rate. The most common types of crime in the area are residential break and enter, and commercial break and enter.



There are no schools directly in the Peguis-Kildonan Crossing neighbourhood, but there are some just outside of the area. Elementary school options include Hampstead School, Kent Road School, John de Graff School, Bernie Wolfe Community School, and Regent Park School. The two private Christian school options in the surrounding area are The King’s School and Immanuel Christian School. The two closest high schools are Kildonan-East Collegiate and Transcona Collegiate.

There are limited post-secondary options in this neighbourhood. Red River College, located just outside of Peguis-Kildonan Crossing, has a training facility for railway careers. The River East Transcona School Division offers continuing education programs on various computer-related topics, professional skills, and hobbies. Other options are available by travelling to the downtown or southern areas of the city.

Public Transportation

A number of bus routes run through the neighbourhood, including Route 77 – Crosstown North, Route 85 – Kildonan Place-North Kildonan, Route 90 – Chief Peguis-North Transcona, Route 43 – Munroe, Route 45 – Talbot, and Route 44 – Grey. Most buses in the area make a stop at Kildonan Place (shopping centre), which provides access to numerous routes, including those destined for Downtown.


Family Life

Peguis-Kildonan Crossing has a number of recreation options for families. The Rising Star Academy of Arts offers classes in dance, theatre, and music for people of all ages. The Tae Ryong Park Academy has martial arts lessons, camps, and birthday parties, and provides instruction for people of all ages. East of the neighbourhood is the community of Transcona, which holds many events throughout the year, including movie nights, seasonal celebrations, and the annual Hi Neighbour Festival.

There are a number of parks and greenspaces just outside of the neighbourhood. The Transcona Trail is a 6.7 kilometre walking/biking path linking some of the parks/greenspaces in the area, including the Rotary Tall Grass Nature Park, a preserved grassland area with a small forest and a short trail running through the park. The Transcona Bioreserve is on a site that used to be home to an industrial plant, but the site was cleaned up and restored to its natural state, and now offers walking trails through established grassland. Farther north of the community is Kilcona Park, featuring an off-leash dog area, sheltered picnic sites, and plenty of green space for sports or sunbathing.


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