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Real estate roundup: Downtown Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB housing market overview

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What was once a prairie city now holds one of the most developed and still “on the rise” cities in the country. Downtown Winnipeg is the commercial and business center of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where majority of the government and business offices are located.

It is bordered by Notre Dame and Logan Avenue on the North, the Assiniboine River on the South, the Red River on the East and St. James St. and Ellice Avenue on the West. Downtown Winnipeg comprises also of the Exchange District, Central Park, Chinatown, and The Forks. First impression of Downtown Winnipeg would most likely be “we mean business.”

Downtown Winnipeg is a diverse neighborhood. Aside form being the business district in the province of Manitoba, where one would find government and business buildings and offices alike, it is also a place that offers accessibility, conveniences and opportunity to Winnipeggers as well as other nationalities that reside in the area.


Downtown Winnipeg, Winnipeg

Downtown Winnipeg Real Estate

Entertainment, Restaurants, Cafes

Downtown Winnipeg offers a lot of things to do at any time and at any season. Whatever you may have in mind, cultural, music, theater and the arts, Downtown Winnipeg has it. From its artistic perspective, the Manitoba Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, which depicts the colorful and vibrant history of Manitoba. Kids and kids alike will also enjoy the hands-on galleries of the Manitoba Children’s Museum at the Forks Market Road. The recently built Canadian Museum for Human Rights is dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights.

If you are into party music, bars and clubs, there are different places in Downtown where you can party and even meet and mingle new acquaintances. There are quite a few choices, some of which are the Shark Club Winnipeg that has state of the art sound systems, with a live DJ and a great dance floor; Opera Ultralounge is also another classy and upscale setting lounge that features live DJs with their remixes offering the high energy of a nightclub. Aside from the busy club scene offered for the outgoing individuals, there are also a lot of family oriented activities and events available in Downtown. One of the most popular of them during the winter season, is the longest naturally frozen skating trail at the Forks River Trail, where kids and adults get to enjoy skating and admiring the works of art placed along the trail. The best part about this activity, its totally free! However, if you ever find the need for skating shoes, there is an available skate rental for only $5.

For those visiting Downtown Winnipeg, an enormous selection of hotels and accommodations are available, depending on your necessity and budget.

Entertainment and Tourism

Real Estate

Living in Downtown Winnipeg can be quite exciting. From having historical buildings and places to new developments, and a multicultural population, Downtown Winnipeg is one place to look out for. According to a study made by the students of the University of Winnipeg, “A new downtown emerges.” With all the major developments being made in Downtown, who wouldn’t want to take part and enjoy what Downtown has to offer. Modern architectural designs here and there are one of the many highlights that the neighborhood offers. From houses, to apartments and condominiums Downtown Winnipeg is truly on the rise.


Pollution/ Noise

Being the busiest of the neighborhoods, Downtown Winnipeg can be a bit loud especially during rush hour. Since a lot of offices are in the Downtown Area, it is not exempted from having that honking and beeping from rushing cars that are probably late for work, or that chaos from office workers that are hurrying up trying to do sprint to quickly get to their offices. I guess this is part of being in the downtown area. As for the litter, the City of Winnipeg addresses this issue by having countless garbage and recycle bins for everyone to use. So one is not exempt from being socially responsible, throwing waste where it is supposed to be, however, there may still be a few who would go another way, but it is fair to say that everyone is doing his or her part in maintaining cleanliness.

Crime Rate

For a busy Downtown area, one might say delinquency is very evident. Indeed it is. One can never be too careful in terms of security especially when a zone encompasses profitable factors. The great news, the officials, together with businessmen and residents alike try to keep their place and everybody safe by setting up an organization named Downtown Security Network (DSN) which is designed to endorse and communicate safety initiatives or issues to improve security and reduce crime in Downtown Winnipeg. Safety programs are also in place if one wants to take an active part in safeguarding and securing the streets of Downtown Winnipeg. This is to be able to attract the general public in being aware of their safety and that they are not alone in the battle to alleviate crime in their neighborhood.



Downtown Winnipeg has schools that range from primary to tertiary education. It is where the University of Winnipeg’s main campus is located where it offers continuing education and specialized education training. Other schools, like Winnipeg Adult Education Centre also offers specialized education training. For families with infants or toddlers, childcare centers are also vastly available in the area, some of which are Cuddles Infant Center Inc. in Arlington Street, and Yours & Ours Child Care Inc. in Balmoral Street, which offers day care services to infants from 3 months of age to toddlers.

Public Transportation

Winnipeg Transit is the primary means of public transportation for residents of Downtown Winnipeg, as well as nearby communities. Transit buses have routes across neighborhoods depending on where you might be going. If you wish to enjoy touring Downtown Winnipeg, there are transit routes available that runs through the area of Downtown called the Downtown Spirit and it’s free! This route goes around popular sites like The Forks, MTS Centre, Winnipeg Art Gallery and much more. There is also a massive accessibility to taxicabs around Downtown area, which would pretty much take you wherever you may want to go. Just prepare for the fare, as it may be more costly than actually riding a bus.


Family Life

Downtown Winnipeg pretty much attracts young professionals because of the look and feel of the area. A lot of places to hang out, busy business people always on the go, a lot of opportunities for career and advancement. This is where one starts to build a dream. However, there are also a lot of families in the Downtown area who would most likely prefer the proximity to work and being home as early as possible, as opposed to driving like 30-45minutes. Family time is precious and doing away with the driving time home would be a plus for the family, most especially to the kids.

For the family, almost everything in Downtown Winnipeg, from schools and universities, to convenience stores, hospitals and much more is accessible. Family activities are also encouraged by the neighborhood, different events are held each month and a calendar of activities can be seen through different service networks of Downtown Winnipeg.


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