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Not all residents live permanently in Windermere. The community is known as a resort town, and many people who own properties there live in the neighbourhood part-time, usually in the summer months, to take a vacation from day-to-day life. There are few amenities in the town, so residents usually head to nearby Invermere for more shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Windermere offers residents breathtaking views of Windermere Lake and the surrounding mountains, as well as a quiet place to enjoy recreational activities and community events.

Windermere is situated in the southeast corner of the province, near Banff National Park and the British Columbia/ Alberta border. The neighbourhoodextends from Windermere Lake in the west to Windermere Loop Roadin the east, and from Windermere Loop Roadin the north to Indian Beach Crescentin the south. Windermere is a small, largely residential town, and residents are proud to know one another and encourage community participation in planning events and discussing concerns affecting the area. Few public transportation options exist in the community, so residents are advised to have their own meansof getting around.



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Entertainment, Restaurants, Cafes

The Stolen Church (St. Peter’s Anglican Church) is an interesting historic site with a tale to tell. The church was originally built in 1887 in Donald, BC, but was supposed to be moved (along with other buildings in the town) when the Canadian Pacific Railway rerouted to Revelstoke, BC. A man from Donald named Rufus Kimpton moved his family to Windermere, but his wife missed the church from their old town. Mr. Kimpton decided to take the dismantled church without asking and rebuild it in Windermere.

Services are still held in the church to this day, as are many weddings. Another popular Windermere experience is visiting Hopkins Harvest, a year-round market that features local produce, meats, seafood, and dairy products. Produce options change with the seasons, so there is always something new to taste. The market also offers food boxes for purchase, which include a variety of local foods.

Due to its size, Windermere doesn’t have a long list of dining options. The Hot Spot, located at Hopkins Harvest, is a cozy little place featuring wood-fired oven pizza. The pizzas include local meats and cheeses, and the restaurant offers gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

Other items on the menu include salads and chicken wings. Other dining options can be found in nearby Invermere, such as The View (located at the Copper Point Golf Club), which offers a variety of Canadian and French-inspired fare in a tastefully decorated space, as well as an outdoor patio with amazing views; and Elements Grill, located in the Copper Point Resort, featuring tasty dishes in a comfortable setting, as well as an impressive drinks menu.

Entertainment and Tourism

Real Estate

Single-family homes are the most common dwelling type in Windermere, but there are also some multi-family housing options in the neighbourhood. The average price for single-detached homes in the area is $469,000, which is much lower than the average price for single-detached homes in British Columbia overall($663,000).

The population of Windermere is 1,019, and this has decreased in the past 15 years. Families make up 15% of the population here, 61% are couples, and 24% are single. The average annual income is $89,423, which is higher than the average annual income in the province as a whole, and 48% of residents are university or college educated.


Pollution/ Noise

Air pollution from sources such as industry and forest fires is normally only problematic when winds are calm for long periods. Noise can be an issue near highways.

Crime Rate

Windermere is serviced by the RCMP. The crime rate in Windermere is similar to the crime rate in British Columbia overall, with the most common types of crime in the area being property-related.



Windermere Elementary is operated by School District 6 Rocky Mountain and is the main school in the neighbourhood. Other elementary school options, as well as secondary school options, can be found in nearby Invermere and include J. Alfred Laird Elementary, Eileen Madison Primary School, and David Thompson Secondary School.

The closest post-secondary option for residents is a College of the Rockies campus in Invermere, which offers programs in healthcare, hairstyling, business, and tourism. The campus also provides continuing education courses in languages, arts, cooking, first aid, health and wellness, and computers.

Public Transportation

BCTransit operates a route (Route 1 - Canal Flats/Invermere) that connects Windermere to nearby communities, but there are no routes that take residents to areas within the neighbourhood. Most residents have their own vehicles, but many parts of the centre of town are easily walkable.


Family Life

Windermere Beach Regional Park on the shore of Lake Windermere has a large beach with a swimming area, picnic tables, manicured grassy area, a playground, and washroom facilities. The park features fantastic views of the lake and nearby mountains. The lake itself is used for a variety of recreational activities besides swimming, such as boating, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, and sail boarding. Another popular spot for families is the Copper City Amusement Park, which offers a miniature golf course, bumper boats, go-karts, and a concession area with snacks and beverages. The park often holds special events, and has a beautiful picnic area that can be booked for parties and other gatherings.

The Windermere Community Hall is a venue used by residents for events such as community meetings, weddings, musical theatre productions, and other special events/festivals. The hall is licenced and includes tables, a stage with lighting, a stocked kitchen area, patio areas with a barbeque, a sound system, a piano, room for a dance floor, and restrooms. One of the annual events held at the hall is the Windermere Fall Fair and Scarecrow Festival, which includes food, live music, contests, races, exhibitions, and a beer garden. Funds raised from the event go to support the Windermere Community Association, which brings community members together to discuss issues affecting Windermere as well as to plan events that will celebrate the community and entertain residents.


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