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Real estate roundup: Riley Park, Vancouver, BC housing market overview

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To say Vancouver is a hot real estate market feels like an understatement, kind of like saying Wayne Gretzky was a pretty good hockey player. Vancouver, British Columbia’s real estate market is on fire and Riley Park is one of the many hot spots that people are eager to call home. With a balanced mix of detached single family homes, apartments, and townhomes, Riley Park is a neighbourhood that should be on your “must see” list when searching in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Located in East Van, Riley Park is urban but still some way out from Downtown which is further to the north towards the ocean. Don’t let the trendy nature of this community fool you, though – Riley Park offers some of the best greenspace in the entire city. Looking out east gives you absolutely amazing views of the mountains and should quickly clarify why some places within Riley Park have the name “Mountain View.” As you move throughout the community you will notice a wide range of home styles. Riley Park is an older area that has seen a lot of redevelopment with the boom in housing in Vancouver. Large, older homes may sit next to modern constructions.

This is the norm in many parts of the lower mainland as buyers look for desirable lots on which to build their perfect home. The advantage of such a large mix of homes and styles is that the neighbourhood feels unique. Rather than cookie cutter houses lining the streets you feel a sense of personality from this incredible community.


Riley Park, Vancouver

Riley Park Real Estate

Entertainment, Restaurants, Cafes

As already mentioned, some of the best greenspace in the city resides right in Riley Park. Queen Elizabeth Park is a large park almost exactly in the middle of the city. It’s a huge draw for people throughout East Vancouver as well as other areas. It’s not uncommon to see a bride and groom hop out of a limo with their wedding party for some photos among the beautiful scenery in the park. Riley Park, the park that lends its name to the entire community, is a smaller park on the edge of Queen Elizabeth Park. In that same area is Nat Bailey Stadium, home of the Vancouver Canadians, a Toronto Blue Jays affiliate baseball club.

The team is popular among sports fans in Vancouver and tickets can be had for a reasonable price. Also in the same area is the Hillcrest Centre, a multi-purpose recreation facility formerly known as the Vancouver Olympic Centre – it was used during the 2010 winter games. In the Hillcrest Centre you can find a huge range of recreation opportunities including indoor cycling, a gymnasium, a dance studio, a fitness centre, and an aquatic centre. It’s a world class facility built for one of the world’s biggest events and now serves the residents of Riley Park.

Entertainment and Tourism

Real Estate

The range of homes makes Riley Park a fantastic place to begin searching if you want to live in East Vancouver. The area is also more affordable than some of the communities further to the west which is causing a rapid spike in development and interest from buyers and investors alike. The detached single-family homes on Main Street are the most desirable properties in Riley Park. These homes offer up an older charm and also have the geographic benefit of being right on one of the community’s main arteries, giving quick access to Downtown.

You can also find some newer developments like townhouse projects in that area which may be smaller and more affordable than a full single-family home. As people begin to look further east, condo developments are being seen more and more in areas like Riley Park. There are a few older developments as well as modern ones, both along main routes like Fraser Street as well as along some of the side streets. Be sure to take the time to browse several listings to get an idea of the price range in the area and what size and style of home you should be considering.


Pollution/ Noise

Vancouver is a big place and with it comes some of the pollution concerns of big cities. That said, smog alerts are rarer in Vancouver than other similarly sized cities and, generally speaking, the city feels green and very clean. This is further helped by green initiatives taken on by local government in some of their public buildings. Noise pollution in Riley Park is very traffic-dependent and will be most noticeable during rush hour on major roadways like Main Street or Fraser Street.

Crime Rate

The Vancouver Police keep detailed statistics on their website which you can view whenever you wish. Last year saw a drop in violent crime in the city and Vancouver finds itself in line with the Canadian average when it comes to crime. Like most cities in Canada, Vancouver is a very safe place to live, and Riley Park is no exception to this.



There are four elementary schools in Riley Park: Simon Fraser, General Brock, General Wolfe, and David Livingstone. For the older students there’s Charles Tupper Secondary, Eric Hamber Secondary, and John Oliver Secondary School. It’s a great selection of schools for a single area of the city to have, and parents should be able to rest easy that their children don’t face a daunting commute just to get to class every day.

Public Transportation

The Greater Vancouver Area has a fantastic transit system with great access to all areas of the city. If you are working downtown then Translink offers light rail and bus transportation to get to where you need to go. They have a very helpful trip planner on their website that will help make sure you find your way around the city.


Family Life

With a great selection of schools, world class recreation, and large greenspaces, Riley Park is undoubtedly one of the best areas in Vancouver to raise a family. As people look further east from Downtown to communities such as Riley Park there will also be measurable growth in the already established amenities. As young professionals and young families seek more affordable homes in Canada’s hot real estate market, Riley Park will surely see faster growth and further development.


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