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Halifax, NS luxury real estate overview

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Situated in Nova Scotia, Halifax is the capital of the province and one of Atlantic Canada’s major economic hubs. Halifax has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the country, due to its high quality of life, healthy economy and natural resources, position by the ocean, and business-friendly attitude. The city has around 403,000 residents and accounts for around 40% of Nova Scotia’s population. The climate in Halifax is influenced by the ocean and the Gulf Stream, and consists of warm summers and fairly mild winters.

Halifax is an international city with a forward-thinking attitude when it comes to business and the economy. It prides itself on sustainability, innovation, and diversity, and is proactive in maximizing its growth as a city. The economy is one of the strongest in Eastern Canada and the city serves much of the Maritime region. Key industries include banking, government services, health care, education, and trade. Rural areas of Halifax are also rich in natural resources, such as natural gas, forestry, agriculture, and fishing. Tourism is also a key industry, as Halifax is a popular destination for visitors, especially those travelling on cruise ships.

The city is very ethnically diverse, and has large Canadian, English, Scottish, Irish, and French populations. Halifax is a cultural centre with a high number of students and arts and cultural attractions such as museums and galleries, and it hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. Halifax is known for being very walkable, with a number of nice neighbourhoods and an emphasis on good public transit and bicycle routes.

Popular areas in Halifax include: Lakeside, Bloomfield, Needham, Fairview, Westmount, Wedgewood and Rosebank.

Halifax, Nova-Scotia

Halifax, Nova-Scotia
real estate market overview

Real Estate Market Overview

Halifax has experienced a strong and healthy real estate market in recent years, with activity up by 7% in 2016. Unit sale prices have been rising steadily but remain stable and cheap, and a gradual population increase and a fairly strong economy that has led to increased consumer confidence and more buyers investing in Halifax. The population increase can be attributed to people moving in from rural areas around Nova Scotia, as well as people relocating from Alberta in search of jobsand a more stable economy.

The average house price in Halifax was around $287,900 in 2016, up marginally from the previous year, which is affordable for price-conscious buyers especially in comparison with other areas around Canada. The average real estate price is set to increase by around 1-1.5% in the coming years, which is steady but reasonable growth.

Factors such as the strength in Halifax’s manufacturing industry and the recent Navy shipbuilding contract which will create more job opportunities will positively impact the economy in the coming years and further contribute to increased real estate activity.

There is an increasing demand for housing in Halifax, including rental units, and a growing number of projects are set to arrive within the next year. The city is due to see increased condo developments to match the demand from young buyers- as well as baby boomers -who are looking to enter the market.

real estate market overview

Luxury Real Estate Market Overview

Halifax’s high-end real estate market has been experiencing a good level of growth due to higher demand for upmarket properties and new luxury developments. Luxury ocean-front homes continue to be very popular, as well as high-end condos which are very popular among baby boomers and seniors looking to downsize to a smaller yet high-end property and move to a more central area.

Local buyers are dominating the luxury market, and there are also foreign buyers who are looking to purchase a second or third home in Halifax.

Luxury areas in Halifax include Robie Street, Quinpool Road, Jubilee Road, Point Pleasant Park, and Beaufort Avenue South, which features upscale oceanfront properties. Older, characterful homes can be found in neighbourhoods such as South End, Bedford, and Purcell’s Cove. Many of the high-end homes are Victorian-style, some of which have been renovated to suit more modern needs.

luxury real estate market overview

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