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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a luxury home?

Luxury homes are prime pieces of real estate that exude refinement and exclusivity. Offering privacy and ample living space, these upscale properties are usually custom-built using premium materials and boasting luxurious designs. A lavish home showcases not only interior elegance, but also exterior appeal and provides high-end amenities inside and out. What’s more, luxury homes also usually have a story or history attached to them — they were either built by a prominent architect or are situated in a prestigious location. Showcasing steep price tags, professional real estate guidelines typically place high-end properties in the top 5% or 10% of the local housing market. People who buy luxury homes are usually high-net-worth individuals.

What is the difference between a house and a mansion?

While a standard house entails typical floor plans and amenities, a mansion is an imposing, single family luxury home with opulent and extravagant details.

What qualifies a mansion as a mansion?

Boasting a higher-than-average number of square feet and excess bedrooms and bathrooms, a mansion is much more than a big house for sale. Rather, it comes with high-end finishes and top-of-the-line appliances, as well as energy-efficient systems and smart home features. Sitting on huge lots of land, luxury mansions also boast breathtaking landscaping and unique architectural details. The typical designs for these buildings include classical, colonial or Victorian styles. They also offer some of the finest amenities and can entertain large groups of people. For example, mansions usually include commercial-grade kitchens and multiple common areas and leisure spaces — such as great rooms; lounges; games and theater rooms; gyms; spa facilities; pools; tennis courts; gardens with water features; hiking trails; guest houses; and so on.

What is the difference between a house and a villa?

A villa is a luxury property typically located in the countryside or on the coast. While a standard house is a family’s primary living residence, a villa is used as a retreat or is rented out as a vacation home when not occupied. A villa is a refined luxury estate with an airy design, including rich amenities and providing seclusion. These luxe properties usually come with lovely outdoor landscaping and boast a patio/terrace, a front garden and a private pool. They are either single detached or semi-detached and are part of a gated community, typically within a resort.

How do I find mansions for sale near me?

Mansions nearby are just a few clicks away on Point2. Check out the list of available expensive houses for sale on the website and select the ones near your location using the map view.

How many luxurious houses for sale are available in Kelowna, BC?

On Point2, you’ll find 396 luxury homes for sale in Kelowna, BC, with prices ranging from $1,000,000 to $719,000,000.

How do I search for Kelowna, BC luxury homes for sale?

Finding Kelowna, BC luxury real estate has never been easier on Point2. Simply filter the available listings according to price, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or any amenities you might be interested in. Price drops are another feature at your disposal. This is especially useful in finding mansions for sale in Kelowna, BC that have reduced their asking prices in the last six months. Just be sure to save your search in order to receive new high-end listings that match your preferences directly to your inbox.

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Kelowna is an urban and rural city located in the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, in the interior of the province. The city has a population of 194,882, and is the third largest metropolis in BC. Kelowna is set on the beautiful Okanagan Lake, and is bordered by towns like Penticton, Vernon, and Summerland. The city covers an area of 211.82, and its unique setting makes it a desirable place to live. It has an oceanic/humid continental climate and experiences hot and dry summers and fairly cool winters. The Okanagan Lake has a large effect on the climate, and the very hot summers create the perfect conditions for grapes and vineyards to thrive.

Kelowna is one of BC’s top cities for both visitors and residents. The city combines both rural and urban living, offering an abundance of outdoor and water-based activities, vineyards and local wine, culture, and winter sports at the nearby Big White Ski Resort. Because of its great amenities and climate, agriculture and tourism are key contributors to Kelowna’s economy and the service industry is a huge source of employment. Kelowna’s economy is set to strengthen even more due to more consumer spending and tourism, and population growth. The tech sector has also expanded massively in recent years and contributed around $1.3 billion to the economy in 2015. Kelowna has quickly become one of the fastest growing cities in North America due to its attractive climate and great quality of life, and many people are moving in from other areas around BC and Canada.

Visible minorities make up around 6.2% of the population in Kelowna, with the rest of the population made up of white (90.4%) and Aboriginal (3.4%) residents. Kelowna consists of 10 key areas, each of which has multiple neighbourhoods.

Popular areas in Kelowna include: Baron Road, Bellevue, Bertram, Chichester, Dilworth, Glenmore, and Leathead.

Kelowna, BC

Kelowna, BC
real estate market overview

Real Estate Market Overview

Kelowna’s strong and growing economy is also supporting major real estate growth. Kelowna has experienced a turnaround in the last decade and its property market is currently booming, largely driven by people moving into the city from areas like Vancouver, and people attending University in the city and deciding to stay. Prices are much more affordable in Kelowna than in other areas of BC, so it’s a very attractive place to buy, for both local buyers and investors.

The average residential sale price rose around 14% year-on-year, with the average house price sitting at $493,887. The recent introduction of the Foreign Buyer Tax may slightly halt foreign investment; however, local buyers still dominate the market especially those looking to upgrade to a larger property as well as first-time buyers. Single-family homes are the most in demand, representing two-thirds of the activity. First-time buyers have become more active in the condo and townhouse market due to the rising prices of single-family homes. A lot of people who attend one of the educational institutes end up staying in the city, and stats show that as many as 60% of graduates settle in the area after education. It’s currently a buyer’s market with a good amount of inventory of condos and single-family homes to choose from. Rental vacancy rates are fairly low, creating favourable conditions for those looking to rent out their existing properties or invest in a rental unit.

real estate market overview

Luxury Real Estate Market Overview

Kelowna’s luxury market is booming at the moment and there has been a significant uplift in demand for upper-end properties. Demand has been largely driven by buyers migrating from the Lower Mainland of BC to Kelowna in search of more affordable luxury properties and more value for money. Kelowna offers everything from sprawling waterfront properties to high-end condos, and many retirees are opting for luxury condos and downsizing their larger properties. The entry level price for a waterfront home is around $1.5 million.

It’s thought that the luxury market will moderate slightly but still remain very strong throughout the year. The Okanagan Mission, particularly Upper Mission, is seen as one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in Kelowna, due to its beautiful views of the city, as well as Dilworth Mountain which has been largely developed in recent years and features many high-end homes, costing upwards of $1-million.

luxury real estate market overview

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