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There are 139 cheap houses for sale in Regina, SK

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Regina, situated in Saskatchewan in the southern part of the province, is a thriving city and a cultural and commercial centre covering an area of around 118.4 sq. km. The city has a population of 236,481 people, and is a desirable place to live due to its healthy economy and good quality of life. English is the primary spoken language in Regina, and the population is predominately white (78.6%) with a fairly large Aboriginal population (8.3%). Regina enjoys a dry continental climate and experiences hot summers and cold winters, with temperatures reaching around -11°C in the height of winter. All four seasons are very prominent, and the city is, in fact, one of the sunniest in Canada.

The city enjoys a strong economy, and since it’s one of the most affordable places in North America to do business, it’s a hotspot for new businesses and those looking to expand. Key industries in Regina are oil and gas, telecommunications, and agriculture, which the city relies heavily upon.

Not only is Regina a commercial hub, it’s also a centre for tourism. Named after Queen Victoria, Regina is a popular destination due to its abundance of adventurous activities, green spaces, and attractions. There are over 2,000 acres of birch trees and lawns in the city, so it provides a great mix of city and suburban life. Regina also has a number of prominent attractions, including Casino Regina, a huge entertainment and gaming complex, and hosts a number of major festivals throughout the year such as the Symphony Under the Sky concert which attracts visitors from the surrounding area and further afar.

Popular areas in Regina include: Albert Park, Argyle Park, Arnheim Place, Broders Annex, Cathedral, Creekside and Eastview.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan
real estate market overview

Real Estate Market Overview

Regina boasts a fairly stable and cheap real estate market, and prices have grown on average 2.6% in the last year. The market has seen slight fluctuations in price in recent years; however, the average house price of $318,000 is almost identical to what it was in 2013. The market is expected to continue to grow and remain stable as the economy strengthens.

There is a range of real estate to suit all budgets in Regina. The market is very attractive for first-time buyers, especially those with a budget of around $200,000-$300,000. Prices in Regina are very low compared to other markets in Canada, and buyers can enjoy greater value for money and more spacious properties. Other key buyers in Regina’s real estate market are move-up buyers interested in properties costing $500,000 and above.

Condominiums are in abundance in Regina due to high levels of construction which has led to more choice for buyers and more favourable prices. First-time buyers dominate the condo market, as condos are very affordable and ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance property in a convenient location. The townhouse-condo market is very popular, as these types of properties provide city living with the feel of a single-detached home.

Due to high condo inventory levels, Regina’s rental market is relatively weak and many young professionals are taking advantage of low condo prices and purchasing property instead of renting. However, it’s thought that as the economy grows and migration into the city increases, this will fill the city’s vacant units.

real estate market overview

Cheap Real Estate Market Overview

Regina’s real estate market strikes a good balance between cheap properties and high-end real estate, so there is something out there for all buyers and budgets. The average real estate price in Regina sits between $313,000 and $321,000, and the market is expected to increase very gradually – but not significantly – in the coming years. These prices are favourable for first-time buyers looking to enter the market and those looking for single-detached properties.

It’s possible to find new apartments/condos within the range of $200,000-$300,000 which is an affordable price for young buyers and families. Dual income families looking to purchase their first-time home or a move-up property are looking at around $300,000-$400,000 for a single-detached house. There are a number of great residential areas in Regina, both in the city and the historic area, and further out in the suburbs. Noteworthy neighbourhoods include Lakeview and Crescents, which lie close to downtown.

cheap real estate market overview

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