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Located on the eastern side of Belize on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Belize City is the largest cityin the country. There are approximately 61,000 people living within the approximately 14 square miles of the city.

Belize City is the major sea, air and road transportation hub for the country and includes two airports. Tourism is the main industry in Belize City followed by oil, marine products and various agricultural products like sugar, bananas and citrus. Two of the major schools in Belize City are St. John’s College and the University of Belize which has two of the three campuses in the city. St. John’s College is the oldest in the city having been established in 1887.

Belize City was originally named Belize Town with roots dating back to 1638 when the British utilized the resources for logging and trade. The British and colonial influence is still seen throughout Belize City today within its small and congested streets. Although Belize is connected to the mainland, its English and Creole culture puts it more in line culturally with the Caribbean islands. Although the populationismostly Roman Catholic,as in most of the neighboring countries, Belize and Belize City have a higher percentage of Protestants than other countries in the region.

Here you’ll find the Street Art Festival,the famous Swing Bridge, as well as the St. John’s Cathedral which is the oldest known cathedral in Central America.

Belize City is located in a tropical climate with warm and humid temperatures year-round. The average high temperatures throughout the year are in the 80s with the hottest months being May and June. The coldest months are December and January.Total rainfall averages about 75 inches per year with over a quarter of the rain falling in September and October.

It is no secret that Belize City has had crime issues in the past but tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe are discovering the beauty of the country. This interest in Belize is increasing the demand for businesses such as hotels and shops which means the need for real estate is growing as well. Everything from luxurious developments to condos are being built in and around Belize City.

With its beautiful coastal waters and bustling city streets, Belize City is finding its way into the hearts of many retirees and expats seeking the ideal second home. As the economy continues to improve and tourism grows, so does the level of infrastructure.


Belize City, Belize

Belize City, Belize
  • Country: Belize

  • State: Belize

  • Nickname(s): "The Old Capital"

  • Population: 61,000

  • Area:

    Land: 35.667 km2


Lifestyle and Culture

There are many landmarks and historic sites in Belize City and the Museum of Belize in the Fort George district is a great museum telling the history of Belize. Located in a former jail, it is a great way to explore the colonial and independence eras of the country. The Court House, Swing Bridge and BTL Park are some of the popular landmarks in Belize City.

Belize City hosts an amazing festival every year called the Street Art Festival showcasing a variety of artists and their respective artwork. Other events in and around Belize City include the Belize National Fire Service Olympiad, Baron Bliss Day and the Cross Country Classic Bicycle Race.

Belize City is home to the University of Belize which has three campuses within the city. Some of the schools in the university have programs dedicated to teaching, nursing, technical studies and agriculture. St. John’s College dates back to 1887 and is actually a high school teaching young boys in a Jesuit environment.


Entertainment and Tourism

The main sports arena in Belize City is the Marion Jones Sports Complex which has a 7,500 capacity. Football, track and field, and cycling are the main sports played at the complex. There are two football teams in Belize City, both of who play at the Marylebone Cricket Club Grounds, also known as the MCC Grounds: The Belize Defence Force FC and FC Belize.

Belize City has a few good hotspots,but it is recommended to take taxis or drive to these areas unless you are staying at a hotel and they have a bar or nightclub nearby. Some of the major bars in Belize City are the Calypso at the Princess Hotel, Sip & Sit Belize, and Paradise 21.

Other entertainment options in Belize City include the blackjack tables, roulette tables and slot machines at the Princess Hotel and Casino and concerts and shows at the Bliss Centre for Performing Arts.

Entertainment and Tourism

Districts & Neighborhoods

Some of the main neighborhoods in Belize Cityinclude the areas of Fort George, Barracks Road and the Business District. From upscale neighborhoods to the luxurious tourist destinations, there are a lot of great spots in Belize City.


Barracks Road

Barracks Road is just north of the downtown area, mostly along the coast, and offers a lot of public park area. The Princess Hotel and Casino are located in the Barracks Road neighborhood. It is known for being a more relaxed area with middle-class homes and a short drive into the heart of downtown.

Business District

Within the Business District are many government buildings such as the Supreme Court and the Government Hall. Less expensive than the higher-end Fort George neighborhood, the Business District is an ideal place for the budget-conscious traveler. Home to many banks and businesses, the economic force of Belize City is on display in this neighborhood.

Real Estate Market

The tourism industry is growing exponentially in Belize City, and along with a stable economy is the investment in infrastructure and real estate development.

Housing options and rental properties are higher than in other more developed tourist areas. In fact, Belize City rentals average 80% higher than in Cancun, but compared to warm locations in the United States, such as Miami, Belize City rent is about 70% lower.

Foreigners are finding plenty of real estate options in Belize City with homes available along the beaches or within the jungle. Retirees find Belize City charming and affordable while still being fairly close to the United States. Like most of the world, Belize City felt the effects of the economic crisis in 2008 which drove down interest and investment. Since then, real estate prices are increasing steadily with some estimates reaching 40% increases every year.

Unlike in Mexico, there are no restrictions in foreign real estate investment in Belize City. Foreigners are free to purchase a second home, luxury home or any property they wish. Real estate purchases in Belize are considered some of the easiest real estate transactions in Central America.

Home Style Average Rent Price
1-bedroom apartment in City Centre $425.00
1-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre $250.00
3-bedroom apartment in City Centre $1,000.00
3-bedroom apartment Outside of Centre $950.00

Source: (May 2017)



Belize City has the distinctions of having more education institutions than any other city in Belize. The University of Belize has two campuses in Belize City and offers every level of education from certificates and diplomas to associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and graduate degrees.

One of the most famous private high schools in Belize City is St. John’s College which is specifically designed for young boys. It is one of the oldest schools in Belize City, dating back to the 19th century. St. Catherine’s Academy is a private all-girls’ school.

Belize City’s education system is similar to Europe’s and the United States’. There is primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. Primary education between the ages of 6 and 14 is mandatory according to the Education Act. In fact, parents are fined if their child does not attend school during this time. Elementary schools go from kindergarten to 8th grade and secondary education is from 9th through 12th grade.

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