Silo Homes: Stylish or Extravagant?

Silo Homes: Stylish or Extravagant?

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Silo Homes: Stylish or Extravagant?

Silo Homes: Stylish or Extravagant?

Point2’s silo homes blog post had a pretty amazing ripple effect on Facebook. Over 300,000 people checked out our blog post and over 30,000 decided to share these photos with their friends. How about that buzz? We were impressed, let me tell you that.


People who commented actually asked for contact information for the builders or owners of those interesting silo homes in Saskatchewan and Utah. Aren’t you curious if anybody actually bought a silo home? We are…If anybody has news, please let us know.

One of our readers found this unique cylindrical home from at 487 Barley Road, Highmount, NY. silo_Point2HomesSituated on a 7+ acre piece of land, this 3 story building offers an amazing panoramic view from the bedroom.

Michigan is the home of this incredible combination between a barn and a silo. The result? A gorgeous 3 story unique home at 5166 Lippincott Rd Southwest, Napessing Lake, Lapeer County, surrounded by 109 acres of farmland and woods.


Do you know of any silo homes? Share a link in your comments. Let us all see these interesting buildings.


  • Patti Grant says:

    My husband and I have a silo home …a grain silo built in 1842, pre-confederation, it is the oldest farm site in Upper Canada. I tryed to send a pic, but your site doesn’t have an attachment in email…
    I think our silo is very unique, with a view of Lake Huron and 4 finished floors, was turned into a home in 1949…
    Contact me if you want pics!
    Best Regards,
    Patti and Doug Grant

    • Diane Kokotilo says:

      I would love to see pics. I grew up on a farm in SW Ontario (little hamlet called Villa Nova, south of Brantford. We had barns and a huge silo ..all built by my dad in the mid 30′s..Dad & Mom bought 50 acres for $1500 (and still had a mortgage) Dad passed at 86 in 1993 and mom stayed on the farm another year..sold it for $150,000.00 …58 years they had that beautiful piece of property. If I won a lottery, I would buy it back…and open a rescue for dogs and cats. I miss the country life (now live in the city of Vancouver) but will retire and move back to Ontario (Port Dover is the plan) Cheers…From a true FARM GAL

  • donnicka shepard says:

    I would love an house like that but my familly cant afford it it woild be so nice

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