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McDonald’s popular meal may provide real estate professionals with some food . . . for thought.

Tracking the price variation of the iconic Big Mac across the globe may reveal that what several foreign real estate investors currently pay for a home in the US in their local currency is many times different than what it should cost them. We’ve compared 2013 to 2006 and the differences may surprise you!

Burgernomics and The Big Mac Index

The Big Mac index was introduced by The Economist in 1986 in order to show the volatility of currencies across the globe and, in turn, the (in)stability of national economies.

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Since the second half of 2012, when the real estate market got on a slow recovery path, a growing number of people are becoming optimistic that things are getting back on track. Real estate agents in particular expect a more upbeat real estate market in 2013. At least this is what the results of a joint in-house survey done at the end of 2012 by real estate engines Point2Homes and PropertyShark show.

A majority of survey respondents also believe that in the coming year the market will be driven by mortgage rates in particular. Read below to find out how New Yorkers answered some of the survey questions compared with real estate players in California.

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