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The new Graph Search (Beta) from Facebook can be used to put together social profiles for most professions. We’ve tested it on more than 1,000,000 real estate agents active on Facebook and created a nifty (and gender-mindful) infographic with the real estate agents’ top-12 likes and interests.

Read below for some fun insights into which politicians real estate agents like the most, what they like to drive, the books and magazines they like to read, and much more!

Tell us, how close does this come to YOUR Facebook profile?

Top 5 Political Figures

Both male and female agents like Mitt Romney the most. Barack Obama is down to #4 in female agents’ preferences.

Men like Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul
Women like Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, and Ron Paul Continue Reading…